Tuesday, July 21, 2009

24th of June

June has been a really happening month, with class trip, outings, and endless events. On June 24, which is exactly 2 months before my birthday (*hint hint*), we celebrated Hunt da baunz’s 19th. Like any other regular yumcha night, we had a last minute spontaneous plan to the Station1 nearby.

As if buckets of beer aren’t enough, we even brought along our own Chivas.

Guys can never survive without alcohol, can they?

Eyu went up onstage to sing a birthday song to Hunt. Watch the video, he didn’t play the guitar at all! So fake. Wtfreak.

Next one, Hunt singing Xiao Wei onstage. Apparently there was a birthday girl that night named Xiao Wei. LOL. Catch what he says at the last few seconds of the video! XD

(to be uploaded later wtf damn slow)

Just wanna tell you again, I hate that ah beng shirt! Wtfreak.

Of course, we can never call it a birthday celebration without a cake. That’s for you, KNN Baunz!

Nice decoration. You banged the back of your head, so make sure you don't bang your forehead. Teehee.

Ever seen someone making a wish with their mouth opened and tongue half sticking out?

Someone has his own unique way of cutting a birthday cake.

Let’s feast on chocolate indulgence!

Wtfreak look at my pig face. And Mei Zhen’s funny eyes XD

Heart this pic cause everyone looks so happy. Would have been perfect if Weiyi were in the photo.

Have a wonderful 19th year and may your legs grow longer than mine. ROFL!


Benjamin Chuah said...

i hate the fukin baboon red ass face of miine pffbt -.-

Copykate said...

ben: don't take alcohol then. get rid of ur baboon ass sickness XD

L.Chew said...

haha...u took a month to post this..
chua hunt's legs r really short!

Copykate said...

chew win: haven't blog about our malacca trip also! seeing those pics make me miss it even more *sobs*

yea he should wear shorter top next time. or mayeb we should lend him our heels XD