Sunday, April 19, 2009

Pikom PC Fair JB 09

Look, it’s Blackberry Storm, the latest model of Blackberry yet to be launched on 28th April 2009! This is a real phone, not a dummy!

Last week, I had the privilege to work for Celcom to promote their Blackberry package at PC Fair JB.

This is my partner, Maggie from JB.

Our job might seem easy to you, jut holding the Blackberry and persuading customers to pre-book. But the fact that we had to stand 10 hours on our heels simply made “torturing” an understatement.

However, it was a fun and intriguing experience as I got to know many people during those three days of work especially those from Celcom booth.

Bin bin, the sales manager whose job was to scold the promoters. Wtfreak.

And Xiao Xin, who is apparently Bin bin’s good friend. Why do they have such cute names??? XD

Me, dunno-his-name, Piang, Ping, Pong, Maggie. Ping Pong Piang are always together. LOL.

The girls. I was carrying the Celcom bag cause it was 10pm and I was about to go home! Finally, after 3 days! Kaka.

Met these two Malay guy promoters during dinner break on the last day. Friendly and funny. Teehee.

Jia Wei and what’s-his’name? Oh gosh, if any of you read my blog, please tell me k? There were like hundreds Celcom promoters, in fact more than the customers, so I didn’t manage to ask for everyone’s name.

During those three days of work, I starved myself as I wasn’t in the mood for food, wanted to keep slim and most important of all, I didn’t know where to eat other than the KFC downstairs -.- The thing is, most of the promoters had their food provided. There was a cafeteria downstairs, but each plate of awful rice, not including any other dishes cost RM8! The only thing I could bring myself to eat was the RM3 sandwich. On the second day of work though, someone brought me to the hotel opposite for lunch during which I ordered a RM25 sandwich and a glass of milk. I was pretending to be a healthy freak. LOL. Oh, I couldn’t even finish half of the sandwich. Jeez.

By the way, there was this contractor from PC Fair who has been calling and texting me ever since I gave him my number. Seriously, he called me like 10 times a day and it irritates me! The worst thing is, he’s from KL, or to be precise, Batu Cave which is rather near from my place! Dammit. I’ve been ignoring his text and calls for days but he just wouldn’t stop. I wouldn’t mind being his friend even though he looks like a 30-year-old man but I wouldn’t want to entertain a desperate nuisance! I remember him saying that Johor girls are easy to cheat and always get cheated by KL guys. WTF!!! Seriously, whoever categorizes girls according to their region? It is solely his stereotyped and biased thinking! It came across my mind that he is probably trying to “cheat” me, since he thinks that Johor girls can be easily cheated. Please lah, even if I were to be cheated, I wouldn’t be cheated by you k! The worst thing he said was there are a lot of bad guys in Cheras. WTF!!! So I was like, excuse me, my boyfriend is from Cheras. If you’re one of those staying in Cheras, wouldn’t you feel offended? I told Hik and he asked me to tell the jerk that Batu Cave guys are boring. Kaka. No offence to other Batu Cave guys, this statement is only meant for that jerk. After all, how can you determine someone’s personality by judging the location he/she originates? So the other day, while my classmates and I were shopping, this jerk called and called again and eventually I passed my phone to Hunt. He answered the call and was ready to play an act, but unfortunately the jerk ended the call upon hearing Hunt’s voice. What a coward! I thought he would stop bothering me from then on, but who knows, he called again the next day! Gawd. Gimme a break! I am starting to feel disgusted by the sight of his called ID.

Anyway, go check out Blackberry Storm! If you’re someone who SMS a lot, I wouldn’t recommend you to buy though. Cause it has no keypad and is extremely difficult to type on the screen. However, I still like it cause it’s cool! Well you know, when you’re cool, everything will be forgiven. Teehee.


=chuan guan= said...

u got it free?hahaha...y simply give num to tat guy?

Benjamin Chuah said...

hm, how come i know nothing about this mystery caller @__@ such interesting person weh.

ya if cheras ppl are bad, then that guy must be some perverted hornie ass from rock caves.

Copykate said...

cg: he was working for our booth and i thought he was normal X( neh, only got to bring home the phone for a few days. returned to the company dy. teehee

ben: u weren't there when that fella called! we wanted to play him but too bad he's such a chicken. hate his stereotype thinking! looks old but highly immature! eew!

shadowking said...

wow amazing that you could use/hold the phone before it gets even sold :)
sounds totally cool and the phone really looks awesome

BTW i am a little curious because i noticed something:
in a photo you mostly stand on the left side and show your right side
and if you dont stand at the left side you mostly still show your right side
is your right side somehow your "chocolate side" you like to show off or is it just coincidence?

Copykate said...

shadowking: omg u noticed that! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. my right face always look better. left side looks weird due to my hair parting. unless i clip them up, it would be awful in pictures! and if u're observant, most of my photos before this are the same as well. just that it's a little too obvious this time XD

Maggie Mee said...

tat guy always call u isn't HAZLI???
so GELI ppl loh~~~

Copykate said...

mee9: walao not hazli lah! it's that xiu kiong (eew awful name wtfreak). the contractor who fix the electric all that! LOL