Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Small F*cking Segment

Yorrrrrrr too busy to update X(

Pictures from the past few weeks:

Hik and I in the wholesale city.

Met dad and mum there. Canvas shoes! Doesn’t him look like a young teen? LOL.

During a car journey, Freddo was caught doing yoga.

Then we found a doggie doing a blowjob for a monkey in Jac’s house. Do you think they’re gay?

Have I told you that classes are getting boring? The only thing that keeps us going is my precious deck of Durex poker card. It won me over RM20 today for the blackjack game. Sorry mates, it was just my lucky day XD

This is me on the first day of Semester2. Checked and stripes rock our world!

Circle Colour 10 flowers. Yay I completed the task! 3 big stars for me wtfreak.

Walao all refused to pay lo. Poor me being the class rep -.-

This drawing seems familiar? Credits to Sai Hong. A lecturer of ours isn’t going to be pleased. Hiak hiak.

Guess whose test paper it is? A kiss will be rewarded from that person if you are able to guess it right! XD

Chinese New Year is coming soon! Ave you done your shopping? I haven’t! X(

Spotted in The Gardens.

Seriously, the shopping bags are his.

Looks like I have nothing to wear for CNY. How??? *sobs*


JunJun-Riko said...

hahaha.. then don't wear la... more sexy... wakakakaka... *evil laughs*

Copykate said...

jjr, how can??? won't get extra ang pao money for going nude also XD

i know u bought many cny clothes dy. jeez

CharLene said...

btw, which "charming" guy wrote the beautiful word on the paper....? lol..... definitely is not a girl rite?

Copykate said...

charlene, none other than the notorious class rep! XD i doubt he's charming. ROFL! it looks like girls' handwritting though. LOL