Sunday, January 25, 2009

It's a Celica!

I have a new car.


It’s white.


And it’s a Celica.


Which I drive to college everyday.


And which I fetch my classmate around with.


But most importantly, I’m a liar.

Because that is Erique’s car, not mine.

I even thought it was spelt as “Selika”.

What a shame XD


CharLene said...

anyway, u look cool in that car....
buy one then.... lol~

Copykate said...

celica, of course it's cool! teehee.

yea i need a new car. but not celica i think. i want something more chio! XD

- wawa - said...

oo..dat's M.U..parking lot and at the front of the college gate..
dunno y..lately i always nampak u at college..

Anyway..i really thought u drive dat car to^^

happy CNY..stay pretty..


Copykate said...

wahwah, you've been seeing me in college? i didn't see u! jeez. or perhaps i'm jst not sure how exactly u look like. teehee.

gawd, it'll be so cool if i drive that to college! LOL

Atira. said...

haha how i wish for that too!

Copykate said...

atira, cool yea! kaka

Anonymous said...

wah...i got cheated!!if you have a chio-er car,dun forget me for a ride aite!

marcusan said...

LOL.. SELIKA? so boh? haha..

ey, isnt that STation 1 cafe behind you?! Where you live ar? At Prima Setapak? 0.o


Copykate said...

michaelkon, of course! when u fly to west malaysia XD

Copykate said...

marcus, neh i'm not staying in prima setapak. went there to yumcha only.

see the second last pic? that's where i stay. can't be too far away. take a guess! teehee