Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Bersih 4.0 - My Experience and Thoughts

Bersih 4.0 29th and 30th August 2015. Today will be history, and I am glad to be a part of it.

I am not going to be a hypocrite by starting a debate topic about which political parties I support because really, I am not so much into politics. Hence this post shall have no detailed analysis or statistics, no hidden political propaganda but merely straightforward views from an ordinary citizen. Of course, I was of legal age during the last election so I did my part by voting! If you tell me that you did not vote, I am going to give you a condescending stare for your ignorance and lack of patriotism lol. 

The first time ever that I joined a rally was during Anwar's Suara Rakyat Suara Keramat at Kelana Jaya (blogged about it, read here). Did not attend any of the previous Bersih hence have not been through the agony of being tear-gassed. 

This time, on 29th August Saturday, while everyone was clad in their illegal yellow Bersih tshirt, I was guilty at home lying down scrolling through the live updates. The night before, my landlord has got all his survival kits lay out on the table - gas mask, goggles, salt, towel, pepper spray (to spray on any uncooperative cops I guess wtf) and a Malaysian flag to exhibit his patriotic spirit. He was all prepared for the battle, ready to be taken down (and spend the night in the lokap lol) and sacrifice for the country at all cost.

I never really intended to be a part of it until a friend randomly texted and asked if I were interested to join the rally the next day. I said yes - because I did not have any plan, and the first day of the rally seemed rather peaceful with no story of tear gas, fighting or any sort, and I was curious and at the same time wanting to do my part and contribute to the event.

So off we go the next day with a single bag pack with water bottles and zero survival kit. 

We departed from Kelana Jaya LRT station which was quite a sight because everyone was in yellow the moment we arrived. We had no fear but rather, overwhelmed by excitement as we were not alone even from the beginning of the journey. 

It was raining when we reached Masjid Jamek station. But the weather did not stop us from marching on. It was crowded with a sea of yellow! At certain spots speeches were held during which the main focus was mainly on Najib and his RM2.6bil.

My brave sister was a Bersih supporter and also a volunteer that day. So proud and amazed by our young generations today. I knew nothing about the country's welfare when I was 18! :x

The rally was an occasion for the creative bunch to showcase their witty talent.

It has also attracted opportunists, many of whom had set up food and souvenir stalls.

Really now, is this a carnival or something?? LOL.

At one part of the streets it smelled like ramly burger and keropok lekor. And there were helium balloons on sale -.- That joyous atmosphere is the least that I had expected!

The rally was a rather peaceful one. No one was pushed or shoved. Although I must comment that the noise of the vuvuzela was hell damn annoying! 

The streets of Kuala Lumpur was exceptionally cleaner than usual with so many volunteers cleaning up with the trash. Many were even handing out free food and drinks. I did not take any in fear of being poisoned (kiasi T_T)

As much as I hate to admit, majority of the rally goers were Chinese although there were also presence of Malay and other races. The urbanites are well-informed of the latest news and cause of protests, but what about the rural dwellers who have no access to social media? What will be their view on the racial imbalance turnout during Bersih 4.0? 

It is unknown whether or not the rally has made any impact, and if any, a positive one in favor of the organizer. However, it is certain that the voices of the people have been heard, the unity and strength of the urbanites have been seen and proven.

God bless Malaysia, for true democracy, fair and clean election in times to come. 

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