Saturday, April 12, 2014

Judging and Being Judged

I have always been a judgmental biatch.

Can't help it. I am a virgo. My horoscope says that I am the master of criticisms. I am always judging and neat-picking on everyone, regardless whether they are the people I love or those I feel indifferent towards.

But being judgmental is bad. More often than not, our judgment does not entirely reflect the truth. Instead, they are hurtful and detrimental to the parties involved.

No matter how much you believe in what you see, there are always 2 sides to the story. It is unfair to have your conclusion made based on your one-sided tales. Open your eyes and try to understand things from various perspectives. You will realize that what you have seen or heard are exaggerated and distorted from the reality.

I have judged and been judged by others. I put up my strong ego and told myself that I couldn't care less about what others think, that I am least affected by what they say. But face it, no matter how strong you are, you still can't help but feeling slightly hurt and disappointed by those judgmental criticisms.

Sometimes they call you names. Names that would make your mother feel ashamed and cry. They label you names on social media even though it was done subtly. It was not meant for you to see, but you still discover it anyhow since you couldn't get rid of your curiosity.

Words of accusation that speared through your heart and made you doubt your worth. It could be uttered by acquaintances, strangers or family and friends of the one closest to you. Regardless who they are, their poisonous words haunt you night and day until whenever you truly let go.

No, I dare not publicly declare that I will stop judging from now on. Wouldn't want to be a hypocrite who go back against my own words later on. But I will learn to be mindful of my judgmental criticisms, not that I gave ascertained its impact.

The next time you judge, keep it to yourself or at least prevent it from reaching the ears of your innocent victim.

Or better still, focus on how to improve yourself to avoid being the preyed on by those vicious tongue! :)

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Koh Kian Fai said...

hahah you can avoid being preyed by those vicious tongue, but you can't run away from those . . . curious sight XD