Wednesday, April 9, 2014

10 Important Rules in Life

1. Learn to love yourself better. If you don’t, no one will.

2. Do not be overly bothered by what others say or think about you. Those destructive criticisms are meant to bring you down.

3. Remember that family comes first. They are the only people who will stand by you forever no matter what happens.

4. Do not lose hope despite failures. Stand up and do it better instead.

5. There is never a dead end, but many ways out for everything.  Your only concern is to figure out the best way.

6. Be independent. The one you often rely on might not be there for you the next time you are in need.

7. Buy an insurance policy. Be responsible to the next-of-kin you love.

8. Travel and see the world. There are so many new and great things the world has to offer.

9. Achieve financial freedom to enhance your happiness in life.  Money can’t buy everything, but it could surely buy you plenty.

10. Every success has a meaningful story behind. Be patient and determined towards achieving your goal in life!

The above shall serve as my self-reminder, my motivation to go on. 
I am not exactly at the best state recently. I guess this is what they call quarter-life crisis. 
I feel lost and helpless, unsure of what I desire in life. 
I could not see my future, whether I am heading towards the right direction. 
I am on this little wooden boat, sailing further and further into the mist. 
If only someone could tell me what great things awaits at the end of the horizon. Or could it be just a deserted village I am headed?


Sai said...

Jiayou Kate!

Limz-ToxicWorld said...

good sharing. jia you