Thursday, December 20, 2012

House Warming @ Suria Stonor

Should I be ashamed that a guy who is one year younger than me has recently bought himself a posh penthouse?

Let’s not be envious of others’ success but share the joy of his new house instead! For that, we did a house warming party for Ben’s 2-bedroom penthouse located at Suria Stonor in the middle of KL city!

That's me rolling around the empty penthouse a week before the furniture was brought in.

The host was busy with the last minute renovation and stuff so we had to run errand on his behalf. Spent like a thousand on food and drinks for the party itself. For the whole afternoon, Tung and Kevin kept themselves busy at the kitchen while I kept myself entertained at the living room wtf.

Lamb, pork, chicken, fish, mutton, bacon etc!!! Never had so much meat altogether before! Someone on Twitter commented that it was like a Flintstone’s party! LOL.

The living room had full length glass window and the curtain wasn’t ready so I had access to great lighting! Best time to camwhore~

Later on I just lazed on the sofa until the 2 boys came out of the kitchen and threw me some sarcastic remarks wtf.

Wait a sec, they didn’t want me to help out k. And on a defensive note the kitchen was too small for 3 of us!

Now now let’s see some photos of the new penthouse. Swear it’s a cosy place I wish it was mine! XD

 The paintings are all specially handpicked by himself from Thailand.

The working area.



These 2 marvel paintings at the working area have some kinda 3D effect.

The living room. The sofa hasn’t arrived yet.

Cute sheep made of real fur. We were allowed to sit on the black one!

Some decoration on the coffee table.  Those 4 black animals are actually shot glasses!

The magnificent dining area.

No proper picture of the master room because we made a mess on the bed wtf.

The toilet has no door or curtain or glass or anything at all! Apparently he enjoys being watched. LOL. No curtain on the window also! I had to shower with the light off fearing that his neighbor would watch me! -.-

Drunktard on the bathtub. It kinda rhymes! HAHA.

The walk-in wardrobe. He has more clothes than me!

This is the balcony where we had the BBQ done.  I contributed to picking the BBQ pit from Ikano. And the balcony couch too! Okay fine I didn’t exactly pick them but still, I contributed by being present!

Nom nom nom~

We had plenty of red wine that night.


Toast for a health and prosperity!



That’s a freaking scorpion inside the Skorpio vodka! It’s edible. Yuck.

Playing with Bully, a puppy bull terrier. She never fidgets at all when you carry her. Such an obedient lil bitch XD

Yen Yen aka Rhea who happened to be the birthday girl that night.

Kevin and his mini shisha. Damn cute! XD

Dancing queens~

A group photo of us.

Anticipating my next visit to Suria Stonor! ^^

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