Sunday, December 30, 2012

[ADV] Kings & Queens L'Odeur Range Fragrances Soft Launch

2 weeks ago, I went to the soft launch of Kings & Queens fragrance at Grand Dorsett Hotel Subang Jaya with a few MHB members. Arrived at the ballroom before 7.30pm and we were seated at one table while waiting for dinner to be served.

There was a registration counter set up at the front entrance for the arriving guests and media. Everyone was given a number for lucky draw yo!

Took a picture at the photo wall next to the ballroom entrance.

The ballroom was beautifully decorated with the posters that depict the L’Odeur range fragrances.

Cassandra Patrick was the host who hyped up the night amidst the fashion show and music performances. Absolutely love the white princessy dress she was wearing that night!

Courtesy of Kings & Queens, dinner was served for every guest.

Kings & Queens is a combined group from an extreme luxury product development company sourced from one of the best companies in the world to bring consumers the latest luxury high-end fragrance and beauty products.

Being an international brand, Kings & Queens uses high quality ingredients sourced from France.

The first range of products to be launched by the brand is the L’Odeur range which consists of three fragrances namely L'Odeur Paris, L'Odeur Venice, and L'Odeur Milan.

 "Kings & Queens Truly Makes One Royalty"

L'Odeur Paris

-       seductive and luxurious
-       Blend of elegant sumptuous silk tree flower, voluptuous night queen flower, and luscious bourbon vanilla
-       offers a sensual and radiant luxurious fragrance.
-       Recommended Retail Price: RM225.00

L’Odeur Paris has a relatively stronger scent compared to the other 2 fragrances from the range. An elegant flowery scent suitable for a night out.

L'Odeur Venice

-       Wild and floral
-       Dark spicy red candied rose petals blends with a mixture of cedar woods, sandal woods, vanilla and marshmallow.
-       A liberated spirit of romance conveyed with floral notes with many contrasts.
-       Recommended Retail Price: RM175.00

L’Odeur Paris is no doubt my favourite of all. Aside from the pink bottle, the fragrance has a really refreshing scent that suits young adults like us.

L'Odeur Milan

-       Passionate and young/ luminous and vibrant.
-       A fruity and flirty sensation with listed noted of pear, green orange and peach skin combined with irresistible jasmine and lotus and honeysuckle.
-       A characteristic lotus and a bright jasmine, a composed of a touch wood of cedar make a irresistible fragrance.
-       Recommended Retail Price: RM175.00

With the mixture of fruits and floral, L’Odeur Milan is another fragrance that targets younger girls.

With Max Lee, the young CEO of Kings & Queens fragrances.

Credits to Karen Kho who took most of the photos that night :)

Thanks to Kings & Queens, the girls and I each walk home with a bottle of fragrance of our choice. Needless to say, I chose L’Odeur Venice. New perfume for new year! XD

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Merryn said...

NICE! Pretty and nice smelling girls in a row :D

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Merryn: lol! thanks to L'Odeur perfume XD