Sunday, August 14, 2011

My Favourite Smurf

can’t really remember how long ago I watched the smurfs. It was back in the 1990s together with the other classic cartoons like the Jetsons Johnny Bravo, Carmen Sandiego, Popeye, Flintstones and much more! (you get the drift). Thank goodness for Nuffnang’s ‘MY Favourite Smurf’ contest or else my memory of them would’ve been suppressed forever.

The Smurfs

My Favourite Smurf is Smurfette, who wouldn’t like her? My baby cousins are infatuated by the mere thought of her, screaming whenever they see her in the trailer on Youtube!

Her long blonde hair, long eyelashes, white dress with matching white heels show that she’s an attractive little creature with quite some unique sense of fashion.


Despite having a similar face with Fiona’s ogre face in the movie Shrek, she also happens to be the only female smurf in the movie. This means she can get away with anything and she has no competitors, which makes her even more desirable! Because guy smurfs can’t smurf guy smurfs, this obviously makes her smurf-able! XD

What’s more it’s been announced Katy Perry is providing the voice-over for Smurfette, so she will definitely be elegant and alluring at the same time!


Now, Smurfette plays an important role in getting the Smurfs back to the Smurf Village. Aside from being all beautiful and gorgeous, Smurfette also possess extraordinary intelligence! To get them all back to the Smurf Village, Smurfette would trace back the location where they first turned up, which is none other than New York Central Park.


The next step she takes would require an intense level of observation and of course, some lucky charm. It might be a difficult task, but it would not take long for Smurfette to discover the hidden pathway planted somewhere within the Central Park which could lead them back to the Smurf Village!

Getting back to the village wouldn’t differ much from getting out of there. In this case, the key person is none other than Gargamel, the evil wizard, the only one who had the power to trigger the pathway to the Smurf’s magical land. So, how is Smurfette going to trick Gargamel to the Central Park? Easy, just use little mice to lure his pet kitty!


Though the process sounds easy, there are uncountable ordeals along the way which require a fair amount of wit and determination from the Smurfs. As they land on the Smurf Village, protected by their newly-developed barrier from the evil wizard, their New York encounters would become a great history among the Smurf community forever! :)

Check out the premiere screening details by Nuffnang. It would be held on 24th August, which is my birthday! The more reason I should win myself these tickets to The Smurfs! *excited* XD

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