Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What a day!

Unlike any other mundane Monday, there are so many little things that happened today and I don’t know whether to call myself lucky or unlucky.

8.57am in the morning. Alarm clock wouldn’t ring until 18 minutes later, but on the bed I lay with my eyes wide opened, heads pounding as the noise pollution took place. Right next to my room it was the lift where the workers were hitting holes onto the wall with hammers before placing new tiles. They weren’t just making holes, but millions of holes, on every side of the walls! Holes like what you see on Swiss cheese!


It wasn’t even 9-fcking-am yet they were already making so much commotion! I understand that the placing of new tiles is to upgrade the place for us residents who pay for monthly rent and maintenance, but what is the point when the people you serve aren’t even allowed a peaceful morning?! They could have at least delayed the noisy construction until afternoon!

Anyway, I was so pissed off I went out and attempted to tell them off, to which they replied that 9am is their working time! -__________-” FML! Oh yea, wouldn’t blame them since these migrants are merely doing their job. It is the lousy management! Annoyed, I called my land lord and demanded that he speak to the management. Meanwhile, I was glad that class started at 10.30am so I didn’t have to put up with the blasting hammering for too long.

While I was in my tutorial class, I realized that I left my cardigan at home! No choice but to tahan the cold in the freezing classroom. I even switched off the air-con but it was still cold! FML. How to go to winter countries when I can’t even bear with the air-cond here? Jeez.

After class, I went to The Lunchbox where Sammy goes to every single day! Went to the toilet and guess what? I had my period! It was the 14th day but I had my period! Wtfreak. Thought it was supposed to be the fertilizing stage. It so happened that I was wearing my white pants today. And it so happened that there was no trash bin in The Lunchbox’s toilet (tsk tsk, useless mayor not doing his job) so I had to wait till I go back to uni before replacing the pantiliner with pad, at the same time hoping that it would not leak and stain my white pants. The one thing I was glad is that I still had sanitary pads in my bag ^.^

Did my Microsoft Access assignment in the library during which I made a few mistakes but did not know how to undo, hence had to start it all over with. Wtfreak. Suddenly all the computers shut down without warning, leaving Mei Yan and I looking bewildered as we stared at each other. So the computer system chose a time to shut down everything when I was doing an important assignment! Jeez. But to think about it, if I were doing a timed online test I would have panicked and cried on the spot.

Poked my pendrive into Sammy’s laptop to check if I had saved the file before the computer went haywire, then remembered that there is no Microsoft Access on his laptop! So much for the anticipation -_________-”

When the power returned, I happily continued my assignment which I had indeed managed to save despite the retarded computer that tried to sabotage my hard work. Then out of nowhere a black girl came close next to me and stared into my desktop screen. At first I thought she was trying to check out my assignment, but heck she isn’t even from my course! She then grabbed my mouse and started minimizing my files! I gave a puzzled look to Meiyan, then looked back at Sammy and muttered a ‘WHAT THE F*CK?’. ‘EXCUSE ME, WHAT ARE YOU DOING???’ I asked politely with a mixture of confusion and anger. She was startled. And apparently she got the wrong girl! Wtfreak. Do I look like one of her black friends or something??? Can mix up someone so easily??? Or perhaps all Asians look the same to them -.-

Went to Sunway Pyramid as usual after uni. Thought my day would eventually be better. But I encountered a frigging rude ticket seller named Charles at TGV cinema! When I said I wanted to watch Ghost Must Be Crazy, he repeated after me Ghost Must Be Krayyyyzeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee with his retarded i-just-hit-puberty voice! As if that wasn’t bad enough, he nearly messed up my ticket by picking A Chinese Ghost Story! Stupid. When he pulled out the ticket, again he said Ghost Must be Krayyyyyzeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Freaking rude and annoying!! Worse thing is, he didn’t bother to hand me the tickets and the change but simply pushed them to me on the table! WHAT THE F*CK??? First time I come across someone who has the balls to do that to me! HELLO I am your customer and I am paying! Who do you think you are showing me that kinda attitude?! I was really pissed I stood there and indicated him to pick up the money. He didn’t get it, but instead pushed them forward to me and said enjoy the Ghost Must Be Krayyyyyzeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (for the third fcking time wtf!).

As I entered the cinema, I was feeling so frustrated and discontented. Movie was supposed to be a stress-free leisure activity, but why did I feel like I was getting more stress than ever? I couldn’t just sit down, watch the movie and pretended that nothing happened. So I took out my Blackberry and tweeted @TGVCinemas:


Felt so much relieved after I did that. At least I knew that somewhere, somehow, someone from their management would read about my dissatisfying experience.

The movie was great anyway. Would be funny especially if you understand Hokkien. I grew up watching Jack Neo’s TV shows. Have to admit that I always enjoy all of them XD

Anyway Sammy and I were the last people to leave the cinema cause everyone left even before the NG scenes were played. As we walked out of the cinema, there were a bunch of people waiting outside, among whom was one fella holding an A4 size paper with “Twitter Ms @copykate” printed!

Wow, these people had been waiting for me like I’m a VIP, seriously??? LOL.

Stunned for a few seconds, after which I realized what was going on. They read my tweets! Oh yeah the power of Twitter! The manager on duty enquired about my bad experience and apologized. I told him everything about that stupid Charles guy. In such case, an apology wouldn’t be sufficient so they presented me 2 movie vouchers! Hiak hiak. Now you see the influence of social media. Teehee.



After all, TGV values their customers’ feedback and of course, would always do the least to avoid any negative publicity. With the competitions from the much preferred GSC, I reckoned they wouldn’t want any comment that damages their reputation.

So far my followers have totaled up to 747, which is nearly half the number of @TGVCinemas’. I wonder if they would have done the same though if I am someone who has like only 20 followers on twitter. Something new to ponder upon :P

Anyway, follow my twitter @copykate for more live updates! Let’s hope that I won’t dream about planting a condom tree with a broken dick again tonight. HAHA.


Anonymous said...

i love you for complaining!
we must stand up for our consumer rights against these rude service people!

Anonymous said...

for your information, tgv do reply on the complains for everyone, not depends on the number of followers.

Copykate said...

anon: you're right :)

anon: good to hear that! are you working for tgv? lol