Monday, April 11, 2011

WeBUY Offers RM203,000!

The other day someone introduced me and out of curiosity, I checked out the website and discovered that they are offering some really awesome deals!!!!


Through WeBUY, we can purchase things for lower price and even for free!

Each day there’ll be different product offered by WeBUY on sale for a designated duration.

So what are we being offered right now? The RM203,000 WeBUY Community Project Giveaway! RM203,000 will be given away to all participating WeBUYers within 120 hours! That truly lives up to their slogan that Every Second Matters!


In order to win this, simply click BUY (which shouldn’t be BUY in the first place cause it doesn’t cause you a cent XD) and once the deal reaches 500 BUYs, the deal will be activated and everyone gets RM3. If the deal hits the next tier of 1500, the prize will be upgraded to RM5 for everyone. In other words, the more BUYers the higher the prize money!

Everyone plays their parts and gets rewarded! You might think your participation will make no difference, but in this project, everyone matters. The deal has now HIT the first tier of 500 buyers and automatically by joining, you benefit RM 3 from this. So why wait any longer? Just click BUY now so that we can all reach the goal to get RM 20 each! :D


Meanwhile, check out the ongoing deal of “ah Tuan ee’s Place”. With RM15, you can get 1 out of 8 choices of chicken dishes + 1 rice+ 1 cincau drink total worth of RM30.60. For that you save 51%!

Previously, WeBUY had given out some really awesome products like iPad and Gucci bag for the price of RM0! I totally missed it! Can you imagine, I would have gotten a Gucci Borsa Gifford worth RM1985 for FREE!!!


Ahhh I want it badly! (The bag, not the girl! Bleh)

Can’t afford to miss anymore good deal from WeBUY, so I quickly signed up as a member and liked their Facebook page

With such great offers, I believe that WeBUY will be getting plenty of members in no time!

Believe me, you wouldn’t want to miss this! Let’s just hope that they’ll give away another Gucci bag in the future! Teehee.

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