Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I Will Never Date You

Today, a conversation between Angela and I inspired me to write a blog post. It came across my mind that there are certain categories of people whom I will never date:

1. Friends from the same gang (awkwardness)
2. Classmates (awkwardness x 2)
3. People who are financially dependent (wouldn’t want your dad to kill you for spending his money on me)
4. People who does not possess a car (so, am I supposed to meet you at the LRT station 9pm sharp?)
5. Shallow and uneducated
6. <170cm (height matters!)
7. Bad command of English (I was now dislikes people which no talks engrish)
8. Old-fashioned and narrow-minded (can’t accept people who perceives that “sucks” is an offensive word after all)
9. Awful fashion sense (that includes nerds who tuck in their shirts up to their chest and lalas who wear chains and boots inappropriately)
10. Those who don’t eat the same type of food as me (chuka lidako ftw!)

Okay that’s all I can think of for now. I’m sure there are a lot more. Anyone wanna add on the list? Teehee.


JunJun-Riko said...

haha i wouldn't date guys who has many female friends. trust/confidence issues. XD

Jackie said...

wah i m fail in ur 1,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and 10 criteria...sad T_T

bacterium said...

we are not interested about those you don't date, how about those you will date?

Copykate said...

jun: i'm not so particular about that though *confident* LOL!

jackie: we're not really friends of the same gang wat. and you have a car. and i'm sure you aren't shallow and uneducated? LOL

bacterium: lemme think about it! teehee

Andrew Chua said...

erm... good luck being single for life?

Copykate said...

abangchua: lol thanks, i've thought so too!

Unknown said...

that's quite a list. now i want a list too. ahha!

yee said...

omg my bf falls under 5,6 & 7.
i have to correct his english all the time! =(

ouh and i wana add!
11. smokes 24/7
12. drunkard
13. swear all the time (diu everywhere)

Copykate said...

dylan: you can only have this list if you're single. are you? lol

yee: you're calling your bf shallow and uneducated??? HAHAHAHA. omgi totally forgot about the smoking part! no way i'm gonna date a smoker! *puke*

Andrew Chua said...

u hate smokers? u have a higher tolerance of them compared to me!

Copykate said...

abangchua: i don't HATE them but i can't accept my bf being a smoker! imagine having to kiss him!

Sue Me said...

Hahahaha.. but people said you will always get the opposite of whatever you wished for. Lol.. yea.. agree on the first one. It will be so weird to date someone you knew since forever..

Copykate said...

sue: please do not let that saying become true! otherwise i'll be dating a sucky guy. lol

Hairy Potter said...

Does look matters?

nicccchang said...

person with dirty and untidy look and look sweaty all the time. So YUCKKIESSSS.

Copykate said...

Jane: not the priority. as long as he doesn't gimme nightmares? lol

nicccchang: eeeeew? that's disgusting!