Monday, September 13, 2010

You Know I Love My Hair

Believe it or not, by keeping oneself busy is the best way to heal one’s broken heart.

As much as I resent work, I am actually embracing it with an opened heart, at the same time thanking God for the workload I’m being assigned with.

With my days fully occupied by work, I could hardly spare time to shit, let alone to think about BGR, which seems like the last thing I would ever want at this turning point of my life.

Yea I mean like, all I want to do during my free time is to sit down and read a novel, or have a trip outdoor to explore the unknown, or work extra hours to pay for more trips, or something, anything self-enriching! And not lock myself in the room talking on the phone with someone unworthy.

Thank God for family and friends whom I couldn’t possibly live without. I love you mum, if you’re reading this. Got the crockery and cutlery you prepared for me. You’ve prepared me more than I’ve asked for. As always, so caring and thoughtful! I no longer have to eat my instant noodles with housemate’s disgusting chopsticks! Teehee.

I have a confession, which is the main purpose of this blog post (despite the digression so far).

Beneath those eyes, do you see a confident independent woman? LOL.

No, I did not chop off my long hair. I apologize for pulling your leg. But that was a nice photo, wasn’t? I’m still keeping those wavy locks, though inches shorter now. On an additional note, I couldn’t help but to name the folder of this batch of photos “cosmetic hoe”. Ho ho ho =x

If you don’t geddit, refer to this post. I might be heartbroken but I wouldn’t be crazy to have chopped off my long beautiful hair. That photo was fake as it showed just the front my hair, which happened to be at that perfect deceiving length.

I’m still that same confident woman chick, perhaps twice confident now without those black roots. Photos of hair-cutting and dyeing process soon, maybe! =)


bacterium said...

Pictures are deceiving. Next time when you say that you have cut off your long hair, we demand video proof.

Copykate said...

bacterium: exactly! and i didn't even need to edit that photo. it just appeared lke that so naturally. lol said...

can't believe i fall for it!
i'm a huge suckers when it comes to the i-cut-my-hair-short-jokes

Copykate said...

sirei: LOL! no worries, you aren't the only one. i think everyone who saw it believed me XD

Jackie said...

means more guy can date u now..piff ;P

Copykate said...

jackie: hmm, why??

sim said...

dont cut short, i do believe ur wavy hair is very nice...if u dont want, we exchange hair, can? haha