Thursday, May 13, 2010

Melbourne-the arrival

Hey peeps, I’m back from Melbourne! Got down the plane yesterday morning and slept through the day after 8 hours of torturing flight. A big thanks to Katie for being our host and tour guide! And I’m so glad that Jess was able to get her annual leave for this trip.

My lousy Canon Ixus spoilt on our 4th day in Melbourne, presumably due to the cold weather. Now that I’m back in Malaysia, the camera is functioning well again! FML. Had to depend on Jess’s big ass semi-pro throughout the second half of the trip to camwhore ourselves. Posted quite a number of photos on Facebook, and still in the process of editing more of them right now =)

Air Asia because I am cheapo. Got my tickets for around RM1.1K which is considered a really good deal. Teehee.

Hello my flying partner.

Jess with her bimbotic expression. LOL. I was pointing at the beautiful evening sky by the way.

We arrived in Melbourne at 12am, after which we took a cab to Katie’s place in the city and ordered Pepperoni’s delivery. Meat lovers-possibly the best pizza ever! Looking disgusting here but I swear it tastes heavenly!

Last but not least, a pictar of us nom-ing on Pepperoni. Me holding a pinch of garlic bread very unglamly T.T

More updates soon!

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Jessica said...

i looked uber funny in the last pic!