Monday, May 24, 2010

Hate to Bother You but

Shits happened so I wasn't in a good mood to blog.

I woke up one day feeling so depressed as if the world was collapsing. I was alone, so far apart from everyone else. The silence in the house couldn’t have done a better job topping up to my loneliness.

I had no one to talk to. I knew the last thing I should do is calling an ex-boyfriend and beg him to ease my depression, yet that was what exactly I did. It was good to hear some comforting words, yet I felt like a nuisance bothering his life especially when he’s not obligated to listen to all my problems.

I had peace for a few minutes, until things started to stir up in my mind and made me go crazy again. It was one of the most helpless and awful moments in my life.

I miss those happy times when I spend my days with nothing to worry about.


I will be fine, soon at least.


Hayley said...

Emo... i understand...
but you'll be alright, as you said..
so, cheer up!! ^^

lee peng said...

cheer up, kate :)

Copykate said...

hayley: thanks babe. just feeling depressed these few days. it'll be over soon, i know =)

lee peng: thank u! i'll be fine =)

..*AnNiE*.. said...

Cheer up Kate!*big big hug*

Copykate said...

annie: thanks babe. *hugs*

ahlost said...

begin your day with a smile to yourself :)


Copykate said...

ahlost: yep i will. i'm getting over this depression =)