Friday, May 5, 2017

[ADV] THE FACE SHOP Miracle Finish Cushion & Moisture Touch Lipstick

Can you ever deny the wonders of Korean make up products?

These products are designed in such a way to suit our Asian skin type and skin tone, I have been using them daily ever since I was first introduced to Korean make up years ago.

These days, I have been using THE FACE SHOP cushion (read my previous post on Oil Control Water Cushion here). Cushion has been in trend for quite some time now. It is so popular, many International brands have started coming out with their own version of cushion foundation.

I am delighted to find out that THEFACE SHOP cushion now has a new look! Miracle Finish Cushion comes in an elegant packaging and is available in 6 types: 

Oil Control Water Cushion – prevent makeup from clumping with sebum control and matte finish to maintains refreshing, bright complexion suitable for oily or combination skin
CC Intense Cover Cushion – contains 7 types of flower oils and extract for making dry skin dewy and radiant and make your skin look perfectly flawless with high coverage
CC Ultra Moist Cushion – deeply moisturizing effect that gives a dewy and glowing effect. It covers fine lines for smooth skin and gives natural glow to the skin.
CC Cooling Cushion – great moisture function with cooling effect to give the skin an instant moisture recharge that is dry from the heat and it is long lasting + light weight.
CC Long Lasting Cushion – contains primer that makes the skin smoother and long lasting. It comes in handy if you are looking for a cushion that stays the same even with frequent retouching.
BB Power Perfection Cushion – contains moisturizing and regenerating ingredients that helps to maintain skin elasticity and strong coverage to hide blemishes with matt finish. An alternative for you for easy to carry and to apply if you have been a frequent user of The Face Shop Power Perfection BB Cream. 

I tried out the CC Long Lasting Cushion. Most of the time I am out for the entire day, so it is highly important that my foundation stays in place.

First, open up the cushion and remove the sticker packaging that protects the cushion. I absolutely loves how THE FACE SHOP has put in an effort in upgrading the interior into golden and metallic. It is quite a change from the previous version that was purely silver and plastic. The new look has added bonus points to the overall product appearance.

Next, press the puff onto the cushion to get an adequate amount of foundation. I like the bouncy feels coming from the puff which is different from an ordinary make up sponge.

Tap the puff gently onto the face to apply the foundation evenly. Make sure to cover your blemishes area.

My BEFORE and AFTER photo (no filter) for comparison. More even skin tone with less visible veins, pores and blemishes.

Complete the full make up and you are ready to go! The CC Long Lasting Cushion contains primer, hence the long lasting effect. No hassles touching up for the rest of the day. Unless you stand under the hot sun and let it melt la lol. The effect still stays the same even with frequent retouching.

The Miracle Finish Cushion is priced at RM104.83 (incl. GST). Subsequently, you may get the refill pack at only RM62.43 (incl. GST) each! Totally affordable and worth the price.

Meanwhile, check out another exciting product from THE FACE SHOP: Moisture Touch Lipstick.

Available in 12 colours, THE FACE SHOP Moisture Touch Lipstick contains layers of serum that provide moisturizing care and radiant colour for the lips.

I tried out 4 colours:

BE01 Beige Bomb
This is my first ever beige lipstick! I have seen supermodels on runway and magazines with nude look and have always wanted to try it myself. This is the perfect shade for a nude look without appearing too dull as the effect is rather glossy.

CR02 Feel So Coral
I call this the not-so-pink lipstick. It is by far my most favourite shade as it looks natural and is suitable for my everyday use.

PK02 Pink Flash
Super vibrant pink as the name suggests.

RD02 Red Rising
“And I got that classic red lip thing that you like.”

Why Moisture Touch Lipstick?

i) Moisturizing layer with serum formula that replenishes the lip barrier.
ii) Vivid colour layering without any clumping (just make sure you remove the dead skin from your lips before applying).
iii) Glossy layering like getting a clear coating.

THE FACE SHOP Moisture Touch Lipstick is priced at RM63.49 (incl. GST) each.

The Miracle Finish Cushion and Moisture Touch Lipstick are easy to carry along wherever I go. My life saver after spending a hot afternoon outdoor!

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