Monday, October 10, 2016

Not-So-Great Experience @ Cafe Ame Soeur, Bukit Jalil

I first saw pictures of Cafe Ame Soeur online several weeks ago. Instantly attracted to the interior of this new French cafe located at Bukit Jalil. A tad bit far from where I stay, but today finally had the chance to visit for our babe Rachel's birthday!

Wasn't expecting much from this cafe as we read that the food was not amazing. We were there mainly for the Parisian interior with a touch of golden hue, wallpaper and huge chandelier which shouts extravagant as well as the exquisite teapots and cutleries perfect for an afternoon tea session. 

We ordered a crispy chicken snack, a carbonara and a big breakfast kind of platter. True enough, they were edible but not fantastic. No photo of food as they weren't pretty enough to be nstaworthy :x

The service was rather horrible. Despite the cafe being so atas looking, we were not treated like welcomed guests at all. The cafe certainly gave us an impression that their sole purpose is to fully utilize their space and squeeze maximum revenue at all times instead of making even a minimum effort to satisfy their guests. 

I arrived early at the cafe, ordered a pot of tea and a crispy chicken snack while I was waiting for Rachel and Angela. The snack arrived and I had started eating. Then 2 women came in without a reservation and requested for a table for 5. There was only a table for 4 left unoccupied (which was given to us under our reservation at first but I requested to change to another table with better background), and an extra chair placed at the side would block the walkway. I was horrified that one of the waitress had the audacity to ask me to switch to that table and give my table to those walk-in guests instead. My table was meant for 4, no difference from the vacant one except mine was placed parallel to the wall. It was rather rude of the waitress to have requested me to switch since my order had arrived and I had started eating. You don't expect your guests to switch table just cause you want to squeeze in your walk-in guests. Besides, I wasn't being unreasonable for occupying a table for 4 as there were 3 of us (there wasn't any table for 3 anyway). Before I could refuse, the male waiter told me it was okay and I didn't have to switch, moreover I had only switched over from that table earlier. Great, at least one of them is smart and polite! 

When Angela arrived, she tried to order a pot of tea from the waiter but was told to order from the counter instead. Earlier on they took my order from the table though. I can't comprehend the inconsistency. Oh well I guess they're lansi enough to not want to take order from their guests despite having 4 or 5 idling waiters and waitresses.

And so Angela ordered her tea from the counter and came back to our table. 

5 minutes later 2 waitresses came to our table with a bill for Angela's Darjeeling tea and asked if she could pay first. (?????? -____- ??????)

What is their rationale?

My Early Grey and crispy chicken weren't paid yet also. So why should she pay for her tea first? 

They said cause they accidentally keyed in already -__________-"

I thought I have heard them wrongly. I never knew that guests were supposed to bear the responsibility for the cafe's own mistake.  Why couldn't they reverse the entry if they had wrongly keyed in? Or if they aren't smart enough to reverse it, just print out in 2 separate receipts when we ask for the bill la. Is it that difficult? It's not like we would deny the fact that we ordered the tea and run away from the cafe without paying. Don't understand their logic. But I guess they knew it was a stupid thing to ask for which would make 3 very unhappy guests, hence they came in pair -.- And you guess, of course we did not pay for the tea until the end. 

Anyway, enough of ranting. Check out some beautiful photos we took during our visit. I would recommend you girls for a visit to get some instaworthy shots. But for that kinda service and food quality, I can assure it is the kind of cafe you would visit once and never want to go back again.

So guess what happened to that separate bill of Darjeeling tea? They did not combine the bill and did not pass the separate bill to us. We left the cafe and took some photos outside the entrance for more than 15 minutes. Then the waitress came out and said 'Just now you ordered Darjeeling tea right, you haven't pay.' 


I would appreciate if she could have said it in a better manner like 'Sorry we left out the tea' instead of making it sound like we intentionally not pay and tried to cheat their 12 bucks! My eyes rolled back so far they must have reached the height of the chandelier wtf. 

No offence to the cafe owner if you are reading this. Just sharing my experience and giving my constructive criticisms. Perhaps your staff could use some basic service trainings :) 

And for the rest of you, there is no doubt Cafe Ame Soeur is a beautiful place, and we enjoyed taking pretty photos and celebrating Rachel's birthday in advance albeit the not-so-pleasant treatment.

Cafe Ame Soeur
Address: 20, Jalil Link Block 2, 
Jalan Jalil Jaya 2, 
Bukit Jalil, 57000 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03 - 8999 0738

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