Sunday, April 3, 2016

Devon Café @ Surry Hills, Sydney

During our stay in Sydney, we paid quite a few visits to brunch cafes and one of the most memorable one was Devon Café at Surry Hills.

It was a small café with hipster looking baristas.

Coincidently matching colour =D

Plenty of sunlight from where we were seated as the ceiling was transparent.

As usual, we ordered 3 meals to be shared among 4 as the portion in Australia is huge.

Breakfast with the Sakuma’s – AUD25
Miso grilled king salmon, smoked eel croquette, 63 ‘ egg, radish petit salad & kewpi mayonnaise

Eggs Blini – AUD20
Buckwheat blini, cured king salmon, salmon caviar, brocollini, sauce Mikado and poached eggs

Da’ Royale – AUD23
Truffle sausage, pomme puree, Lamb’s fry, fried egg, onion jus

I remember feeling impressed with all 3 dishes. Everything tasted great! Proper ingredients served generously (of course if you convert to Ringgit each dish costs triple of what we pay here FML so had to avoid conversion else really cannot eat lol). Way too much wayo on Breakfast with Sakuma’s though. Teehee.

After brunch, we went to Bondi Beach.  Stopped by a tiny patisserie on the way to get some pastries to go.

Gloomy afternoon at Bondi. The sky decided to drizzle as we arrived.

Winter was definitely not the season for beach but we had to anyhow get Bondi off our checklist!

Surprisingly there were a few surfers chasing the waves. Wouldn’t it be freezing?!

Should visit Bondi Beach during summer, next time!

Devon Café
Address: 76 Devonshire St,
Surry Hills NSW 2010,
Tel: +61 2 9211 8777


jessytheklchic said...

love your coat. all of the food here looks amazing. shall visit this place if I am ever in sydney :D

Happy walker said...

wow, go until sydney do review, geng~