Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Belated Christmas Update

Pavilion was crowded on Christmas day! 

Still, couldn't resist the Christmas atmosphere there. It made the jam rather worthwhile :x

Home-cooked Christmas dinner at Chucky's place. No expensive restaujrant set-meal, no late night drinking. We have come to that age when all we want is just a peaceful night with close friends/family *blessed*

Best salad ever! Recipe: strawberry, blueberries, pomelo, rocket and some olive oil. Can't believe something simple as that could taste as good! ^^

The main course was bacon-wrapped stuffed chicken with mushroom. Never a fan of chicken breast but this was exceptionally yummy!

He even made Rocky Road for dessert!

Chuck's Hammy. Name is Potato. LOL.

Part of Christmas shopping. Still owing those debt on my credit card. FML.

Tapas and wine at Estilo, Publika.

Met up with B&B (bitches and beasts from my A-Level's, what a name!) that weekend too. 

Pampered myself with macarons from Nathalie's Gourmet. One of the best in town I would say. 

Hope you had a joyful Christmas :)

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