Sunday, November 23, 2014

上引水产 Taipei Fish Market aka Addiction Aquatic Development

If there is a dining place you can’t miss out in Taiwan, I would say it is none other than Addiction Aquatic Development (上引水).

As the name suggests, my last trip to Taipei has left me addicted to that Japanese dining place! Alternatively known as Taipei Fish Market, it draws the attention of locals and tourists alike with its concept of Japanese seafood freshly caught from the aquarium.

I have never been to Hokkaido before, but this place makes me feel like I was at one of those Hokkaido fish market with live giant spider crabs!

I am not a market person but look at those fresh yummy goodness! It was so fascinating I walked through the entire market several times! 

There are a few options for you at 上引:
1. Pick some live seafood from the market. You are not allowed to bring them into the restaurant though.
2. Buy ready-packed food from the supermarket there to takeaway or eat them somewhere outside while squeezing with many others who are doing the same.
3. Dine at the barbeque shop outside. No waiting required.
4. Dine at the Japanese restaurant inside where you could enjoy a great selection of fresh Japanese cuisines. The waiting time is around 1 -2 hours depending on your time of arrival.

The cold packed food looked yummy too! But nah we picked option 4 which was the wisest choice despite the long waiting time. 

I can haz those uni all by myself!!! 

Be prepared to wait for your turn together with an eager crowd.

Of course, you may browse through the menu and drool while waiting. Everything seems so yummy and cheap!!!

Don’t expect to be seated although it was supposedly a restaurant as there is no chair or stool at all inside (to save space and avoid long dining hour I guess? Considering their turnover). As soon as we were ushered to our dining space, the waiter served us with hot towels.

And then it was time to feast!!!

Clam soup cooked with seaweed and ginger. It was no ordinary clam soup, so sweet and appetizing which was probably why they served it as our first dish.

The salmon soup was yummy too! Cooked in miso style without spoiling the sweet essence of the fish itself.

Half a dozen of oysters. I used to think all raw oysters taste the same until I took my first bite of the oysters here. Idk whether it was due to the freshness or perhaps the different kind of sea environment, but the oysters here are downright fantastic!

Delicious salted barbqeued prawns.

The uni (sea urchin) we had was alright. Prefer the yellow kind but it was already sold out.

Juicy abalone which we had one each ^^

刺身。Sashimi!!! I even ordered extra sweet shrimp sashimi cause I didn’t know there were already shrimps. Finished this bowl all by myself because someone doesn’t fancy sashimi -.-

Seated right in front of the barbeque grill so we could see everything that was being grilled there, including this pair of heart-shaped steak. LOL. One of them was ours *glanced in anticipation*

I have not had such a big piece of steak before! And it was only NTD520 (approx. RM52). Cooked to medium, the steak was so juicy and tender! Really, if you think one should only order seafood at 上引, you would be so wrong! Trust me, you wouldn’t want to miss their steak!

Summary of our order that day:

Total bill was slightly less than NTD4000 (approx. RM400). Really worth it for the luxury we had! My only regret this round was not being able to try the giant spider crab legs as they were sold out. Next time, for sure!!!

Note: Cash payment only. Remember to feed your wallet before feeding your tummy.

上引水 Addiction Aquatic Development
Address: No. 18, Alley 2, Lane 410,
Minzu East Rd, Zhongshan District,
Taipei City, Taiwan 104.
Tel: +886 2 2508 1268

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