Thursday, October 30, 2014

L. Table, Lavender @ One Utama

A casual dinner with Jess at L. Table, Lavender some time ago. Let me start the post with a selfie taken on the way to work. Teehee.

No please don’t comment on my uneven eyes. FML #plasticsurgeryfailurewtf

Wasn’t surprised that a majority of my friends are not aware of L.Table. Can’t blame them after all, who would have thought that behind the crowded pastry shop is a hidden restaurant where you could not only enjoy your selected pastries without queuing, but also indulge in a variety of proper Western cuisines?

Compared to the busy front section of Lavender, L.Table offers diner a classy and elegant dining environment. Every table is nicely set up with standard table cloth, cutleries and a stalk of pretty Gerbera.

There isn’t a long list of wine, but decent number of choices for a casual dining restaurant. 

It wasn’t my first time there. I must confess that it was the Black Miso Cod that made me come back. The cod was so perfectly cooked with smooth texture and sweet aftertaste lingering in your mouth! It goes very well with the brown rice, the combination of which makes up an adequate portion.

An alternative view. The miso cod was served with asparagus and mushrooms as well.

Jess’s roasted chicken thigh. Unable to comment on it as I didn’t try.

Served with capsicum and potatoes. Looks pretty good.

The usual routine. Don’t judge! We had to strain our neck like this for food photography sake okay! XD

The nama chocolate cake was so good! Rich and moist chocolate that melts smoothly in your mouth with every bite, yet not too rich to have hurt your throat.

The actual cake is round-shaped for around RM17 or so. We ordered the one with whipped cream and berries topping which was around the same price, but only 1/3 of the cake :( No more toppings next time, just order the whole damn cake!

Row row row a boat~

Silly things we do with best friend ^^ Do you still remember how to fold this??? LOL.


Sometimes my working attire could get a tad bit tai tai-ish. Oh well, can’t be dressing up as a boring monotone OL everyday yea?

Address: G213, Ground Floor,
1 Utama Shopping Centre,
47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Tel: 03- 7728 6933

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