Tuesday, March 18, 2014

[ADV] Line Shopping

There is one way you can pay only RM10 for a Samsung Galaxy Note 3, RM10 for an iPad mini retina and RM10 for many other awesome items!

Download LINE and add LINE Shopping from the Official Account list today! You are just a few clicks away from getting yourself a crazy deal at crazy price!

If you are not an existing LINE user, download it in Appstore, Google Play or Marketplace. Then add LINE Shopping in the Official Account list as shown above or from http://line.naver.jp/ti/p/%40lineshoppingmy

With the RM10 Rock Bottom Deal campaign, LINE Shopping offers super crazy deals which allow users to pay only RM10 for items that cost thousands! The previous deal involved a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 valued at RM999!

Don’t fret if the page doesn’t load. More often than not it is due to heavy traffic as everyone is assessing the site at the same time.  All of us want to get our hands on the RM10 Rock Bottom Deals! Make sure you check LINE Shopping all the time to avoid missing out on the deals!

Meanwhile, participate in LINE Shopping’s “Name Your Own Price” campaign to shop for various items at the price based on your call!

Good news for the ladies, Kate Spade Cobble Hill Andee is available on LINE Shopping now!

Click on “Enter Survey” which directs you to 4 questions that requires your name, IC number, email address and the price you name. Make sure you enter the correct email address as winners will be contacted by email.

The winner will be chosen based on the most unique price. In the circumstances that 2 participants keyed in the same price, both of their entries will be eliminated. Therefore, make sure you key in the most unpopular figure for a better chance!

Do not include “RM” symbol. Just numbers and up to 2 decimals. You may only enter your price once as your entries will b e disqualified if you enter more than once price.

The featured products are really exclusive and there could only be one winner. There are also other ad-hoc deals available which are exclusive for LINE users only! Add LINE Shopping now and check for the latest deals and updates!

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