Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Bali Vacation - Nusa Dua Beach

It's been months since my Bali trip but I haven't done sharing all my wonderful experiences there! Bear with it, just let me reminisce those few days of pure bliss with the girls.

It was a great sunny day on day 3 of our Bali trip. Woke up at our villa and put on our casual beach outfit.

Hat and shades are essential in Bali. Your hat is like a symbol telling the public “I am a tourist!”  but it doesn’t make any difference, as your skin colour itself has already drawn a line between you and the locals.

Blue cloudy sky over the green land. Simply beautiful.

OOTD. How do you like my Hello Kitty canvas bag? ^^

Before heading to the beach, our driver brought us to another corner of Nusa Dua to watch the super waves.

Once we were close by, we could already feel tinge of saltwater gently blown and carried by the breeze.

The waves were so strong and mighty it could easily sweep you off if you were standing too closely. Nevertheless, I was really amazed by the magnificent creation of mother nature.

It was really windy there. We spent some time enjoying the breeze while snapping photos of the great scenery.

Wait, what I meant was photos of ourselves. LOL.

Here we are, Nusa Dua beach where it is less crowded with tourists and vendors as compared to Kuta Beach.

A beach vacation which I had waited so long for! I don’t wanna wake up from this dream!!!

Found a shady spot to rest. Well Asians being Asians. The other white-skinned tourists were having a good time sun tanning on the beach lounge.

Love the soft golden sand.

We weren’t prepared to swim, so merely dipped my feet into the clean and cooling seawater.

A walk along Nusa Dua beach which I would always remember. The sun, the breeze, the sand, the sea. . . Missing these bits and pieces of my Bali vacation.


Anonymous said...

Small little cute boobies.I like

Anonymous said...

Agree on the little cute boobies. Too bad no sexy ass pics in bikini.

Henry Tan said...

nice photos! i must plan to go bali too! =D