Sunday, February 3, 2013

Menya Musashi, 1 Utama

Ohai, this is yet another ramen post!

Have you heard that Ippudo Ramen is opening soon in KL??? But let’s not talk about it until its grand opening. Let us indulge in other ramen for the time being because you know once Ippudo opens, nothing can beat it!

Stumbled upon a few blog posts on Menya Musashi, some of which labeled it as the best ramen in town. Menya had my curiosity, but now it has my attention! HAHA you know where I stole that quote from.

Located at the 2nd floor of Isetan 1Utama, Menya Musashi has to compete with Santouka Hokkaido Ramen right next to it. Anyway, I realized that both ramen shops are equally welcomed among diners. Both restaurants were almost fully seated.

Menya Musashi = 武藏麵屋 = Japanese warrior which explains the warrior paintings.

Didn’t really like it that we had to place our order and pay at the counter first before being seated. I prefer to sit down, take my time and browse through the menu :(

Had some difficulty choosing my ramen as there was no description on the menu. Actually the differences are the amount of meat.

There are 3 types of soup: shiro (onion), kuro (garlic) and aka (chili).

Kuro Ajitma Chashu Men - RM32

Kuro Ajitma Ramen -  RM24 which is basically the same thing as the previous one except there is lesser meat. I stupidly chose the same broth. Should have gone for Shiro instead.

Not sure about the other 2 soup but Kuro was rather disappointing. Definitely not the kind of soup that makes you wanting for more. But according to the waitress that was the best selling soup. Meh. The spring egg was normal, not as good as the one from Marutama probably cause it wasn’t a seasoned egg? The ramen was no doubt good though. Very ‘Q’ texture.

The ramen chefs would shout and throw the ramen as if they’re fighting another warrior. The action was entertaining but not the voice as I find it rather scary and disturbing. LOL.

My huge glass of hot green tea – RM2

OOTD: Starry studs denim shirt

Menya Musashi @ Eat Paradise
AddressL 2nd floor, Isetan One Utama.
Tel: 03- 77137777


Anyway CNY is approaching! Have you done your CNY shopping? Check out the China street decorations at 1 Utama!

彤彤的 ^^

Anyone wearing cheongsam this year? I wore one for 大年初一 last year and ended up being called a China girl so this year I’ve known better. Pfft.

Love this picture of me because somehow my hair looks as if it’s been dip-dyed. It’s just the lighting XD

My new Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Lipstick.

No. 46 is more orangey rather than pinkish. Addicted to orange lips ever since I’ve started using Meitu. Tested like 10 lipsticks at Chanel and picked this in the end. I think I would have been cursed by the sales girl if I decided to walk out empty handed -.-

February = CNY and Valentine but it’s also the beginning of my last semester in uni! Not sure if I should be happy or sad. I’m certainly not ready to go back for class after having slacked for 3 freaking long months! T_T


Koh Kian Fai said...


-.- wew 10 lipstick eh hahaha, no worries la, u wont so easy kena curse by the sales girl, and I bet . . . did she show u any poker face? XD

anyways . . . how long will u be in your hometown? :) have a safe and MANY FOOD CNY Kate!

HelenCC said...

I like your OOTD: Starry studs denim shirt so muchie..
where u bought it??

Copykate said...

Kian Fai: thanks! will be back before 15th though. need to go back to uni :(

Copykate said...

HelenCC: cool right! I got it from my dad's boutique in muar! Teehee

C H I Q E S S said...

Haha but I do quite like the Kuro soup broth xD
Loving your starry stud denim shirt! :) Happy CNY!

Copykate said...

Hweii Chiee: Ahh, didn't taste that good for me though. Thanks babe! Teehee