Thursday, August 9, 2012

OOTD Sailor

Nobody starts an OOTD post with a picture of own face, except probably I who can’t get rid of my self-obsession, according to le bestie.



Days like this I take a little more effort to dress up for uni.


That navy blue sailor collar.


Cream giant bow shorts.





Navy blue sailor collar top – Bangkok
Cream giant bow shorts – Bangkok
2-tone flats with bow – Mooei
Cream elastic hair band – Taiwan
Peace ring – Diva
Triangle bracelet – Asian Avenue


nicccchang said...

Nenene. Here am I XD Nice flats and cute sailor collar top! Very young babe!

choi yen said...

Love the flats, so cute~

Copykate said...

nicccchang: thanks babe! missing a sailor hat though. lol

choi yen: thank you! always have a thing for 2-tone shoes. i love the bows especially. teehee

bacterium said...

you have to put on some weight. though your fingers are fatter now, the rest of your body still aren't.

Copykate said...

bacterium: i've actually put on some weight. just not that obvious in these photos. and anyway why would you notice my fingers?! LOL

FurFer said...

Love your flats too. cuteness level over 90000

Copykate said...

Fluffy Furfer: yooooo exaggerating! XD thanks babe! ^^