Sunday, July 29, 2012

Final Year. New Semester. Annoyed.

New semester of my final year has started and I am not exactly pleased! It’s only been 2 weeks but tutorial, assignment and stuff are already piling up! Especially one particular subject which is totally a pain in the ass (anyone who has taken it or is taking it would totally agree) which requires us to do tonnes of project throughout the entire semester!


There was some drama when it came to sorting out groups for that subject. In case you haven’t already known, my uni besties are Angela and Mei Yan and we always do all our group assignments together. In fact our uni lives revolve around each other and we’re never seen without being together every single day! This subjects requires 5 in a group so obviously 3 of us are going to stick together lah. Summore we’re allowed to choose our own group mate for this subject. But things didn’t go very smooth because for some reason Angela was absent for the first lesson. The lecturer (whom I refuse to make any remark here in case it affects my grades at a later point of time wtf) insisted that we were not supposed to reserve for our friend since she was absent and she deserves to be in whatever group that’s left! We intended to form our group with me, Meiyan, Angela and another 2 Indonesian Chinese (totally fine with them cause Indonesians are known for being super hardworking). It was such a perfect arrangement but as if being sore for our group being perfect and all, she had to kick out Angela for being absent and put a black girl in our group! I was fcking pissed seriously, not that I’m racist or what but the blacks in our uni are always either late or absent for class! Okay maybe it’s not fair to be stereotyping them but obviously I would prefer Angela, who is my bestie to be in our group!


As if things weren’t bad enough, the black girl was behaving fcking bitchy and all! If we had to go on with that arrangement, Angela would end up in a group with 2 black girls and 1 Malay guy who was the rudest guy I have ever encountered. He stood up in the class and said my arrangement was bullshit and I was being discriminative! Seriously he said bullshit! WHAT THE FUCK man I would have given him 2 mlm if the lecturer wasn’t there lo mudafucka! Damn rude seriously. The reason we didn’t want to be his group mate is because he used to be in a group with those 2 Indonesians and apparently he was very lazy! Why would I want to be doing work with someone like that??? I am aiming for HD! Wouldn’t want my grades to be dragged down by some lazy ass! And now I have even more reasons not be group with him because he is rude and disrespectful! Angela and Mei Yan were surprised I didn’t rebuke him when he said those things (because usually I would shout back like an angry bitch wtf) but you know lah, I wouldn’t react on emotion as it might jeopardize my grades. Have to maintain a good image in front of the lecturer wat. Teehee.

If you know me well enough, you probably know I must have things my own way. In other words, die die also want! So in the end we got Angela in our group! XD That black girl gave up and decided to switch to another class. Yalar people don’t want you in the group still so bu yao lian refused to leave -.- I must admit that we’re quite some bitches though. Err still, not guilty. LOLLL. Another girl who was absent wasn’t so lucky cause her friends didn’t stand up for her (I don’t get it -.-). She was to be thrown into the remaining group with that rude Malay guy so in the end she decided to defer the subject. I would have done the same thing if I were her. HAHA.

Anyway, enough ranting! Let me show you the current state of my study desk. So much make up and shit I’m not even sure it can be called a study desk. Jeez. In fact it’s been like that since last semester. Wonder how I managed to study at all.


Just finished reading Mitch Albom’s Five People You Meet in Heaven. Had been waiting to read this long before this. No doubt an inspirational book. His other book before this one was Tuesday with Morrie which I heard was good too.


Oh oh Jess and I went to Empire Gallery for dinner during which we couldn’t decide what to eat, then someone recommended me Sao Nam, a rather atas looking Vietnamese cuisine shop there. Indeed, the price was quite atas as well.

I don’t understand the purpose of serving raw taugeh and mint leaves. Taste horrible.


Beef pho RM18.


A very big yummy portion! Would have preferred it if they had given me fatter pieces of beef though.


Some dry fish cake noodles thingy which I can’t remember the name. See this is what happen when I go eating without the intention of writing a good food review post. Grr. RM16?


The noodles resemble hor fun. Quite delicious despite the idea of eating hor fun with crunchy keropok.


I’ll start doing better review next time, I promise! That simply means I have to start carrying my camera around again. Oh well.

HAHA right, looking semi-pro and all. That’s not even my camera. Just borrowing it to look cool since it matches my new t-shirt! ^^

(dammit I'm like so tanned here!)

Ending with a random photo of me posing with Lays potato chips.


I’m looking more like a bunny each day O.o


Jackie said...

bunny bun kate

Copykate said...

jackie: (*^.^*)

Kevin Tan said...

Student life... Too bad I didn't get to pick my own teammates.

Koh Kian Fai said...

eh! no share the chips :D

Copykate said...

kevin: lol that sucks! i can't stand teaming with lazy people!

kian fai: dah finished half XD

Charmaine Pua said...

Hope u get your matters sorted out smoothly dear! *hugs*

Andrew Chua said...

you've got to put the taugeh and mint in the hot pho soup and let it soak for awhile. Its absolutely heavenly! The mint leaves just add so much more to the taste. I usually pour the entire contents of the plate in, and steal my friend's portion too!

Copykate said...

charmaine: thanks babe, things are fine now, going exactly the way we wanted XD

musicrew: you poured everything?! so much! jess hates both taugeh and mint. lol. so if i soak the taugeh long enough it won't taste raw?