Friday, February 17, 2012

Find Room For Rent @ iBilik

Have you seen these iBilik advertisements around while driving around town?



For my fellow college mates or even single working professionals who are looking for room for rent, take note of this website! iBilik, formerly known as CariBilik offers you rooms with the best price guaranteed. Or at least, that was what the advertisement states. You gotta see it for yourself to judge yea?


It seems that iBilik is mainly targeting Malaysian. Here’s an additional note for my foreign readers which is irrelevant to Malaysians: Bilik = room in Malay language in case you’re wondering.

There are a few specific places listed on the main page to ease our browsing, with the bolded ones being the most popular I suppose. You can find places from all over Malaysia in the list. If you’re lazy to go through the entire list, simply use the search function provided. Pretty simple and convenient if you already have an idea what exactly you’re looking for.

Not that I need a room at the moment, but I kinda checked out the rooms for rent from this website. 3351 rooms are available for rent in Bandar Sunway! The list goes on and on with the latest posts occupying the top.


Once you find the room you’re interested, simply click in and look for the contact information. Make further arrangement and finally seal the deal! Simple as that.

Tried searching for my apartment and there were 100 over posts that appeared. The rentals offered are around the same range of my current rental. Very reasonable prices, so no worries if you doubt the website. Of course, if you wanna negotiate for a better price, you can always do it personally with your potential landlord.

Besides rooms for rent, iBilik also offers short term rentals with daily instead of monthly price quoted. You might wanna check out the home stay if you’re going to places like Cameron Highlands and Langkawi.


Oh, if you have a room for rent, you can always visit the website and post up the details. It is indeed much easier and more efficient than pasting a room notice in your college toilet! Teehee.


Koh Kian Fai said...

yes I have seen lots of Taxi got this ads on it XD

Nah it might useful for me in my future, thanks hehe

Copykate said...

kian fai: you're welcome. hope you find it useful :P

room for rent said...

thanks for sharing the info!