Saturday, November 12, 2011

111111 so it was

Yesterday was 111111, today is 121111 and 131111 comes afterwards~ *sing Rebecca Black’s tune wtfreak* lame I know!

So it was a significant day everyone was talking about. My twitter timeline was flooded with plenty of 111111 tweets, some sending good wishes and some complaining about the day being overrated without realizing they were one of those who contributed to the trending of the topic XD

All I know is, there were many marriages held on this special day. However, some claimed that 11th of November is a day when single people gather and celebrate? It sure makes sense that 111111 are for the singles, but I thought 11.11.11 comes in pairs. Then someone argued that it’s 1+1 instead of 1+0 HAHAHAHAHA he is so right omgosh if you actually get it!

So just now I was looking through my photo albums searching for photos to post up. But heck, it seems like these days I am taking less and less photos, not even vain camwhore photos of myself! All I found was old photos from my camera which are yet to be uploaded. And some that was already uploaded into the ex-boyfriend’s laptop but accidentally deleted by me while clearing the files after the dramatic break up. FML :(

Oh yea, in case you don’t know, I’ve been happily living my single life for a while. It’s pretty sad things had to end this way but I’m really glad it ended for good. No point dragging it on only to end up getting hurt even more. It wasn’t a happy ending but I no longer hold any bitter grudge. Not gonna do the story telling here since it wasn’t something so proud to begin with. For now I will just look ahead of life and be hopeful, because I know I am one step closer to finding my perfect guy *dreams* :)

Talk about guys, there is one who is really getting on my nerves right now! Ugh not sure if I should even mention it here in case he reads my blog. But I assume not! (whatever, if you read this just shut up, go face the wall and reflect on your own behaviour 面壁思过 wtf ). How would I know you were actually going after me when all you did was sending me flirty texts and all??? For all I know, flirty guys like you don’t take me seriously so I wouldn’t even consider it. Then you get all upset and say I am being judgmental, proceeded to claim that all girls are the same, judge you before they even know you blabla. Hellooooooo, that is the impression you give us! Then you expect I would regret it and apologize a few days later like “the girls” as you claimed? Well too bad, I’m not one of the girls! And all the self-pitying for not getting a girlfriend because you haven’t been dating for a while and you forgot how to woo a girl! LOL! Please, you might wanna consider a new approach instead of being all flirty and risked getting portrayed as a player! Pfft.

Well then, I just ranted one paragraph about you upset lonely boy. If it weren’t the self-pitying (and ironically, the over-confidence at the same time), I might actually think you were cute. Not that you’re worth being mentioned here but you know, just to express how stupid some guys really are. No offence to all the other guys out there! XD

Okay picture time! Taken back then in June =x


Those lens are from I-fairy series. Idk why they look hazel here, but they’re actually pink!


So I love snapping photos of myself. In my room. Problem?


Nahhhh you wouldn’t expect me to do a troll face, would you? Teehee.

Sitting for my last final paper next Wednesday, after which I will be free till February next year! Wheeeeeeeeeeee! Till then, I will take plenty of photos and blog! xoxo


Koh Kian Fai said...

exam and busy til next year FEB? lol kua jiong :P Study hard kays :)

Copykate said...

kian fai: NOOOOO! exam ends next week and I'll be free till next feb! You're reading it wrong! LOL

Koh Kian Fai said...

dam maybe I need to read it twice! so you will grow heck lot of mushroom is it? GG! XD

Copykate said...

kian fai: nahhh gotta try to look for more jobs to keep my time occupied. teehee