Monday, July 4, 2011

Baby Jocelyn

How about a cute baby photo to make your day?


Adorable, isn’t she? My 5-month-old baby cousin Jocelyn. The last time I came back to Muar, she was still a little baby who sleeps all day long. Now she’s grown to a little big-eyed cutie who looks at you curiously every time you come close. Best thing about Jocelyn is that she doesn’t cry when a stranger carries her. Wouldn’t you adore a friendly baby like her? XD

Anyway, I’m so happy for my aunt’s family cause they finally got a daughter after having 3 sons! Little Jocelyn is 8 years apart from her 3rd brother yo!

I’m having semester break now by the way. Spending a week or so in Muar and next week I’ll be off to Bangkok! Have been planning to go there since forever. So excited thinking about shopping and food! Imma bring the huge ass luggage I brought to Taiwan even though it’s only 5 days! Most probably it’ll be filled up with clothes and accessories and stuff! Right now all I’m hoping is that there won’t be any riot since we’re going after Thailand’s election. Oh God please grant us a safe trip and let us come back in one piece!

Woke up this morning to a newsletter from Air Asia regarding their latest promotion. Cheap flight for next Feb-June! Might be going to Hong Kong after CNY! Anyone wants to travel with me? Or do you have any other traveling plan? Please lemme know! Teehee.

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Hello may I know what are you studying? And where?