Monday, January 3, 2011

My New Year Resolution

is to stay single throughout the year


and get to know as many hot guys as possible! *wink*


bacterium said...

Knowing them is not a problem, they come to you naturally. And you need to eat more!

Copykate said...

bac: they don't come to me naturally! i don't think i have the charisma to attract hot guys. most people who want to know me are uncles :(

i always eat a lot!

bacterium said...

they can't possibly be older than me. and you already started to call me uncle since 3 years ago. gee. you need to increase the age limit for 'uncle' class people.

Copykate said...

bac: that's cause i was a 17-year-old kid 3 years ago! i wouldn't call you uncle now. you aren't that old anyway :P