Tuesday, June 9, 2009

RM1 Hot Plate

Yesterday, out of the blue, Hik suggested that we should go to Jusco Setiawangsa for dinner. In the midst of making a choice between KFC and Wendy’s, we saw this:

A long queue outside Boston café! What’s so special about the café that attracted so many customers? Look, they were even willing to wait while the other diners inside were slowly chewing their steak.

The banner tells it all. Sizzling Hot Plate for RM1, no hidden charge! 8-18June, which means it has just started on that day. Monday-Thursday. 12-3pm and 6-9pm.

Instead of jumping at the opportunity, suspicious thoughts instantly flooded my mind:

“No hidden charge but got terms and conditions is it?”

“They use rotten meat???”

“Impossible! Sure got something. Hmm. . .”

Hik was even more brilliant. He thought that the restaurant is cooking the hot plate with disposed pad to cast charms on their customers. Like the news we heard about Kepong Bakuteh. Wtfreak.

But anyhow, we still decided to take a risk. Apparently there are 4 choices, each for RM1! Really.

3 add-on choices, each for RM3 only.

You must be thinking, wouldn’t they be making a loss by charging RM1? Well, the truth is, on normal days, the café is rarely crowded, and business must be tough having so many competitors gathered at the same place. So this promotion aims to introduce their food to us, at the same time earn from your side order (for example, your drinks) and from their service charge which can at least contribute to their rental. A supposedly win-win situation.

But what I see is, those Malays ordered RM1 hot plate without even the add-on. And they ordered plain water! Goodness. Really so kiam siap meh. LOL.

Grilled Lamb Chop. Tastes good =)

See, not bad riGht? That’s my favourite type of thin fries, like those in McD!

Mix Fruit Salad.

Mushroom soup with garlic bread. I recommend this. The soup is yummy!

Beef Steak. I waited quite long for this. Even people from the next table who came much later got their food before me. Hik said because I’m not their priority. Jeez so racist.

Since it’s RM1, we decided to order another two more from the menu. Too bad the fish fillet was out of stock. So we merely settled for grilled chicken fillet.

This is called “Aladdin Chicken Salad”. ROFL I was the one who made it, if you have realized XD

Total payment: RM17.20! Because we ordered apple juice instead of plain water. Hiak hiak. Next time bring your own bottle XD Gotta visit the place again before the promotion ends. So, to repay my kindness for spreading the news, bring me along if you’re going!

Remember, the promotion ends at 18th of June! Teehee.


EVo said...

Coolness! thanks for sharing! wah..rm1 can eat 10 plates wei xD

Copykate said...

evo: can order 10 plates, exactly what we thought! just order those 4 choices from the menu. more than enough to fill you tummy XD

xu.xu.moi said...

thank you so much kate
friday night gonna go out there to dine :P

Copykate said...

sirei: monday to thursday only weh. read properly! LOL.

metalpanda said...

wow, unbelievable~~ rm1~~ i have to go try for sure

Nicole said...

Wow. Does the food taste now?? It looks nice though!

JuneJune said...

oh...i want to go there now.bye. :P

Copykate said...

metalpanda: yes have to try! really worth!

pc: the food is good, even though it's slightly smaller than usual size XD

june june: now? as if! it ends at 9pm wor. LOL

Hikaru said...

thx to my cheapskates sales instinct dats why i go setiawangsa jusco for dinner..LOL

Copykate said...

hik: yea awesome idea! ahhh i have to visit there again before the promotion ends! teehee

guaichaikid said...

fuah..rm1...lidat i can belanja 50 bloggers under d condition oni can order those rm1 dish each..hahahahahaha...

Copykate said...

guaichaikid: yahor can organize blogger gathering! all eat RM1 hot plate. howard belanja! must treat the RM3 side dish also wat XD

Simon Seow said...

Good timing this promotion. I'm broke.

Atlantisian said...

This sound too good to be truth, but yes, i will certainly go for a try!!

xu.xu.moi said...

wtf... should have gone there today... oh well... :(

Copykate said...

simon: LOL. go grab your RM1 steak then!

susan: i couldn't believe it too! i thought there must be some other charges. but apparently not! XD

sirei: aww, nvm u can still go next week!

ThE SoUL oF CiRCuS said...

yaya~after reading ur blog the next day i went with my fren d ^^
RM1 quite worth it de
the mushroom soup and the bread so nice ^^
but unfortunately, no more beef and lamd d T.T

Copykate said...

the soul of circus: oh yea, the second time i went there wasn't any beef and lamb also. too bad X( the mushroom soup n garlic bread nice yea! quite worth for RM3 also XD

Melanie said...

wah , damn cheap. hopefully the promo works otherwise they really rugi!!

Copykate said...

melanie: it should work since they've already set the terms and conditions that we have to order drinks, and each person can only order one hot plate XD