Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Malaysian Dreamgirl Review

Sheesh, I haven’t written a controversial post for quite some time! Not that I’m trying to in the first place. But today, being all bored and having not even a single companion except my little pathetic laptop, I’ve decided to write an entry on Malaysian Dreamgirl.

Does that mean I stand a chance to win the Blog Contest powered by Nuffnang? I want the consolation prize k! Please please, don’t ever give me the Wella hamper even though it’s worth RM500. I’m still keeping the RM200 worth Wella product from the pajama party. Oh gosh, how much I heart Nuffnang my dearest ATM XD

I guess some of you have not watched it, so let me just give you a brief introduction. Malaysian Dreamgirl is the first ever online reality show. Don’t expect to watch it on the TV cause it’s fully broadcast over the Internet. This only means one thing: the show does not need approval from the censorship board! Nobody is gonna restrict their dressing code! Woohoo! Now, we can finally see the girls in sexy outfit and lingerie in a reality show!

The host:

Sazzy Falak

I had been wondering where on earth the host is during the first few episodes. Finally she showed up after the Top12 had been chosen.

The judges:

Elaine Daly

My favourite quote from her: “I think she needs to learn how to suck in her stomach.” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA that was so right!

Kenny Sia

I dunno what’s wrong with Kenny’s haters. Every now and then they would go to his Cbox and started criticising his judging skill. Hello, so what if he goes like “wow” when he sees a hot girl? Admit it, you’re just jealous, aren’t you? XD And then there was someone who criticised how unprofessional he is. Read this: Listen to his humorous take on the intense competition and the thoughts of a regular Malaysian on the 12 stunning contenders. We need one of us up there, and who better than Kenny Sia. There, he represents us regular Malaysians. How pro do you want him to be?

Lim Jimmy

Gay gay gay!
Oops. I mean he’s a A-list stylist! Funny lo his voice. LMAO.

Okay, let’s move on to the girls.

Honestly, I’m not at all satisfied with the Top12. Surely there should have been some better ones! What happened??? *questions Kenny* And where on earth is our favourite Gisella, the kindergarten teacher??? Did you kick her out from the show? Why did she appear only once during the audition? How about “Suet Li”?? Oh gosh.

1. Adeline

Do I have to put her first on the list? The other day, I stumbled upon a blog that criticised her as the young version of Phua Chu Kang’s wife! OMG wtfreak LOL burst out laughing like mad! Seriously, she’s a ah-lian who can’t even speak. Her profile video is probably the worst among all. Her pictures even worse lo. Tell me why does she have to bow down her head in the pictures??? We are looking for models! Not some acting-cute-and-shy lala!

2. Alison

At first, when I first saw her in the audition episodes, I thought she was average and not so good looking compared to the other contestants. However, with her confidence way of speaking, she stood out among all the other girls. Her pictures turned out quite well too, though earlier on we were having doubts that she would look good in photographs. Alison also played the role of “the big sis” by taking care of the other girls throughout the competition. But sadly, she had been eliminated in Episode5. This is the last thing we want to see, Alison getting kicked out n the first round! She had been doing so great! I guess it’s because her friends and relatives don’t stay in Malaysia, so she was getting less votes compared to the others. Sad X(

3. Cindy

Bitch! Bitch! Total bitch! Click here to visit her so-called “Pink Label: Malaysia’s Most Picturesque Blog”! Wtfreakbbq I see the header wanna vomit lo! Let alone those whore-liked bedroom pictures she’s been posting up.

Nina: Her mom stole plates from MAS!

ROFL! Evidence here.

I hate the way she bitches throughout every episode. And what’s with the fake accent? Spare the acting, bitch! First she bitched about Ringo, then Nadia. Worst of all was what she said when Jean pulled out. Gawd. Go watch episode5 part2! KNS feel like slapping her. Now that she’s in the bottom5, I guess most of us dislike her attitude and can’t wait to see her getting kicked out. By the way, the new haircut simply accentuates her big face.

4. Eyna

I like her look. She definitely has the perfect model feature. Better still with her new Rihana hairstyle. However, Eyna can be much better if only she learns how to open her mouth and talk instead of being quiet like a kitten. She certainly needs to learn how to communicate with the audiences in order to win herself more votes.

5. Fiqa

When her SMS vote picture was up, I went like OMG couldn’t they get a pic of her with a better hairstyle??? Now, after the makeover, I think she looks so so much better! Gawd, I heart the new hair-style! It simply carries out the kinda modern-girl look we want. Apart from that, she’s really a sweet girl =)

6. Hanis

Her hair looks equally ugly as Fiqa’s in the thumbnail picture. Thank goodness it doesn’t remain like that for the rest of the show! Or else she would have been kicked out earlier than anyone else. From what I’ve observed, Hanis is certainly a nice and likeable girl. Even though she can’t really communicate in English, at least she does not fake it, but instead she attempts to express herself in her mother tongue. Her look is quite average though. Eventually you get bored seeing too much of her. Well, for that I wouldn’t say she’s one of my most favoured contestants then.

7. Jay

She looks scary like a tranny! That’s the first impression XD She’s got such sharp feature that makes her look weird in photographs. But she did quite well in the lastest album-Precint2 cause. . . she really looks cool like a guy! Jeez, told you, tranny! Wtfreak. Did you see her profile video? She raps pretty well! LOL. Apart from Alison, Jay is another girl who can express herself well.

8. Jean

She withdrew! Check out her facebook withdrawal note here. So sad lo. She’s a pharmacy student at IMU. Not only she has looks, she has the brain too. She’s able to provide us with her shrewd opinions each time when it’s her turn to talk.

9. Nadia

She definitely has what it takes! Watch out, she might be the first Malaysian Dreamgirl! She will look perfect if she tones down a little, cut down on the “garang” look XD She’s kinda bitchy too, cause I’ve seen her hinting some remark in one of the episodes. But no doubt she’s the best among all.

10. Natasha

What? The 18 year old girl with size 30 bust??? Oi, flatter than me leh LOL. Yes, she’s skinny, and she did really well for the first photo shoot (hate her hair in the photo shoot though) that won her an extra RM500 Ambank preloaded, but I don’t think she has the look. Told you she would be out in no time!

11. Ringo

I heart Cheeserland.com! Ok, let’s not be bias just because she’s one of our favourite bloggers from the blogosphere. Guess what, I used to think Cheesie’s cute face and petite body can’t take her far in the competition. But but but, her photographs simply amazed me! XD

The Make-over photo : Totally cool and unexpected!
Women Secret photo : Sexy boobies!
Precinct 2 : The eyes that connect =)))

12. Valerie

Wtfreak her boobs look so big in the photo! Tiny frame but great body! Outspoken and likeable. No faking nor bitching. But I wanna laugh at the way she talks with her spectacles on lo. Like auntie nia XD I think she would have lotsa supporters ^^

Overall, I think Malaysian Dreamgirl is a complete drama.


Drama queens.

So dramatic.

The girls are trained to scream and clap and cheer around like suaku. Bue tahan -___-

That’s all from me. You’re entitled to your own opinions. Feel free to drop your comment =)

To whoever in charged of Nuffnang blog contest (Robb wouldn’t tell me who), please please please don’t give me the first prize. I’ve have more than enough of Wella product here. Would appreciate if you give me the RM100 AmBank Preloaded MasterCard.

Thank you! XD


Pam Song said...

HAHAHAHAHA. I totally agree about the lameness when it comes to the cheering and clapping. Sia soay nia.

Copykate said...

exactly! so dumb and lame.

like, see lousy cars-scream. see free perfume-scream. OMG what's the big deal???


Pam Song said...

Just reinforces what foreigners think of us Malaysians. Budak kampung that never see anything before. -_-

Copykate said...

lol good point! especially when the show is broadcasted over the net. people from all countries can watch it O.o

Pam Song said...

Buat malu.

Sumandak said...

im very proud of Valerie who never feel ashamed to show who she really is (the auntie side of her..)at least she feels comfortable in her own skin no matter what she's wearing..

Vote for Valerie
SMS "Dream 12" to 33001...


Copykate said...

wow, u're a loyal supporter of valerie yea? saw the entry on ur blog. nice one XD

Anonymous said...

Tzk tzk tzk, Kate! I can't believe you are such a ...




Great critique! LOL they should have hired you as a judge or jury or anything connected to the show. Cuz you just made me wanna watch the show. :D Great entry btw!

weiqi said...

haha..i agree with u on the clapping..n they react very slow 1..look like they did it on purpose..

Sheryl0202 said...

Dear Copykate,

Love your post and agree 100% with what you put in your post! Hate Cindy!!! opps, i am so mean...

Huei said...

omgomg!! agree! cindy is such a faker!! damn bitchy and can't stand her accent

the rest are ok..at least they have a quality each..well..cindy has la..but the bitching one

i just REALLY don't understand the screaming..isit..necessary?

Sumandak said...

Though Cindy is annoying, but i rather watch her than watch Nadia..

naeboo~ said...

since it's a "reality" show, why ask them to do so much acting ler. shld minimise it what. so dungu.

the cameraman is so crap the editing lagi crap.

cindy talks like she got 3-4 diff accents running around like obese retards. ptoi

and her mother memang stole the MAS plates what hahaha

naeboo~ said...

oh oh.. and my fave girl was natasha at first round.

now after seeing the pics, i think valerie,eyna and natasha are also good model materials.

Anonymous said...

valerie is hot, i will think if i wan waste my money to sms for her. cindy is ugly, got flabby cibai and thunder thighs like an elephant. i wont think to twice to vote her out if got chance

Copykate said...

ced: oh gosh i feel so overrated. LOL. they can't possibly hire me coz i keep talking bad stuff abt the show. or perhaps they can secretly hire me to do publicity, get more people to watch the show! we have no clue regarding the popularity of the show since there' no comment column on the site XD

weiqi: yea so dumb right? MDG aren't good in acting. lol

sheryl0202 and huei: *hi5*! if only we get to vote her out. (mean mean mean!)

im[a]she: nonono, nadia is so much better! sometimes nadia bitches too but not as much as cindy the major bitch. LOL

Copykate said...

naeboo~: i wouldn't notice the MAS plates if u hadn't mentioned it earlier XD "the cameraman is so crap the editing lagi crap." <<< agreed! btw, natasha dah out lah! haven't watch it? valerie really has many supporters lo.

munak: "cindy is ugly, got flabby cibai and thunder thighs like an elephant." HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. OMG that's really mean! i'm sick of her bedroom pictures. like a whore nia! they should let us vote people out. can earn more thru the SMS summore

joshuaongys said...

oh well. i see all female posting comments here... really dun have guys watchin mdg huh?? lolx nyway hope u'll get the prize u wan haha... and yea the clapping and cheering is TOO much i agree..

Copykate said...

nope, munak is not a girl. (he's probably tranny HAHAHAHAHAHA =x)

i'm not really into the prize la. not making the entry for the sake of the contest in the first place. but i just dun wan nuffnang to give me wella product again =P

can't wait for the next episode!

joshuaongys said...

yesh, hope the next episode wont be boring... epi 6 is boring.... flying fox... Scream scream and yay.. zzzz

Copykate said...

joshuaongys: yea epi6 is short and nothing much. new epi will be out tomorrow right? i heard that cheesie and jay and another girl got kicked out. coz someone bumped into them in mid valley yesterday.

Sumandak said...

I know who got kicked out..hohoh... not them but another girl..

Copykate said...

omg who who? how u know? lol.

let me guess. . .



Anonymous said...

I like hers better


Sumandak said...

well...i wanna tell but its too risky..how i know? i was the one who pick her up

Copykate said...

kirsten: that's an interesting post. there's no need to compare though XD

im[a]she: it can't be valerie! she has lotsa supporters! anyway the new epi will be up tonight right? *fingers crossed*

Sihan said...

Wow, ringo is in the competition.... my first impression was same with you because the impression she gave me is sweet and cute...not really a dreamgirl type...

But i do agree with you, the pics showed the totally different and more mature Ringo

Ringo rox

Copykate said...

sihan: absolutely! XD

Anonymous said...

i think i have had enough of malaysian reality shows. and it's sick to my stomach to see malaysians trying to imitate the bitchiness from the west.

Copykate said...

renaye, lol u mean they're wannabes? XD

Anonymous said...

I guess you're just jealous of Cindy!
How you judge someone for her accent and appearances on TV? You don't even KNOW her.
Remember it's a reality show...
btw, u hate her header? your pic looks 10 times uglier than any of her photos..
its the truth. no offence.
funny thing is when ugly people calling hot girls bitch.. its da THING now! LOL

Copykate said...

grace, thank you for your comment. i personally think i look better than her. however, u're entitled to ur view =)

the end.

Anonymous said...

you bitched bout cindy here but you drop her a msg on her blog. =)

Copykate said...

yea i know. that was before i realized she's that bitchy X(

Deriku said...

another 'vote for cheesie' bimbo.

this doesn't sound controversial, it's biased.

Copykate said...

i know. but i've already tried hard not to sound biased. failed miserably huh? X(

Deriku said...

it was a good try though :D

Anonymous said...

At least you admit you're biased... i'll give you that much... good post... although i think you're a tad harsh on some of the girls.... ;-)