Sunday, March 9, 2008

2008 Election Fever

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Here is a summary of the election result obtained from TheStar_Election. Click to enlarge.

BN has yet again won the election with simple majority. However, this year, opposition has denied the ruling BN its crucial two-thirds majority by winning 82 parliaments seats.

Opposition also took over Penang, Kedah, Kelantan and Selangor.

As reported from Malaysiakini,

“PM: ‘We’ve lost, we’ve lost’ - 4.12am

These were the only words which Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi could muster when quizzed on the ruling coalition’s shocking defeat in five states.Abdullah was posed with the question during a press conference at the Putra World Trade Centre in Kuala Lumpur. He was accompanied by his wife Jeanne, deputy Najib Abdul Razak and other BN leaders. The prime minister added that he will make a media statement after analysing the results in detail.”

Have you noticed that most of the areas taken over by opposition are urban cities, whereas rural areas are still ruled under the government? Simply because we, the fortunate ones living in big towns can easily access the internet, while the urban dwellers’ source of news and information are highly limited to newspapers, radio, tv. Who controls the media??? The government. Hence their influence is no doubt ubiquitous. All that you read on the news are government propaganda, not only telling you how good they are but also warning you why you shouldn’t vote for their opponent. One thing I was disappointed with was how the 13 May fear was injected in the people’s heart. Sorry, but it sounded more like a threat to me. So, instead of relying on the media to have their voice heard only resulting in getting blackened out (hopeless), the opposition decided to do it on the net instead. Kekeke so smart. The net has no boundaries! Unless BN plays cheat and hack down their server lah. Which is very unlikely to happen. That reminds me, Uncle Lim is in my facebook list. LOL.

No, I’m not saying that opposition won because of these publicities on the net. Like I said, we people have the access to the whole world at our fingertips. Remember those sexist and racist remarks from the “respectable” ministers? How would you like it with someone telling you that this is a Malay country and you shall leave if you’re not happy with it? Or when someone makes a funnily-dumb statement like “tiap-tiap bulan pun bocor juga”? Come taste my menstrual This is a multiracial country. If one thinks he would gain the victory because of the 60% majority race, and that we the less important minority shall be ignored as we wouldn’t make a difference, proven that you are WRONG. Utterly wrong. The time has come when people are bold and ready to make their own stand. Our nation is heading for a change. Quote Anwar: a new dawn for Malaysia.

I tell ya, many bloggers refrained from touching political issues as they’re afraid that they might be held investigation under ISA. (speaking of blogger, Jeff Ooi won! oh man you rockz! XD)

I dunno, I think so far my writing hasn’t yet intense enough to provoke any sensitivity.

1. I am rather neutral in the above paragraphs.
2. Everything reported is true and has been proven its authenticity.
3. No criticism was made for either party.
4. I did not bring forth any misleading statement which would result in defamation.
5. Copykate’s blog is simply cool.

Wtfreak. Ignore it. Not only the 5th, but all of them. Ignore them all! LOL. Not like I would be able to fled from ISA even if they really wish to catch me for nothing. As if my pathetic list is gonna convince them that I am indeed a good and loyal citizen XD

Oh, I heard that there were some JPA scholars who voted for BN in fear of losing their scholarship? Freaking don’t have their own stand lo! Not that I’m asking them to vote for opposition, but they should vote for BN sincerely and willingly because our government has been bringing so much development, providing such world-class education and most-importantly, is so kind to offer them scholarships worth millions to study oversea! Who knows they too might be sent to the space one day? Part-time model space tourist astronaut remember?


By the way, of all the states, BN still holds a strong power in Johor. However, there’re some changes we see in Muar this year. LOL guess what? Tay Puay Chuan who was representing BN for Parliament lost it to a random DAP candidate! OMG did DAP won by gaining sympathetic votes or what? It was really unexpected. All of us thought that Tay would easily get it hence we were all prepared to address him as YB. It was such a shocking news that we could hardly digest it. I told you, he should have repaired the bumpy roads in my Taman! (if you read my previous entry) Furthermore, he’s the only BN candidate for parliament in Johor who got defeated by the opposition. Shame shame. Pity him. Surely he’ll have insomnia from last night onwards. I bet he will no longer visit the kopitiam daily so frequently after this.

N12 Bentayan - Lee Ching Yong (BN-MCA) 6,322 vs Wee Tong Hiang (DAP) 9,118
N13 Sungai Abong – Kamaruddin Suratman (BN-Umno) 7,226 vs Dr Sheikh Ibrahim Sheikh Salleh (Pas) 8,776
N15 Maharani – Datuk Mohd Ismail Mohd Shah (BN-Umno) 7,996 vs Dr Mohamad Taslim (Pas) 8,154

The mentioned places are areas around me. Wow wow. BN lost it all! Unbelievable. Seriously, it was a surprise for we Muarians. We thought BN would win it all like years after years. Perhaps everyone had the same thought that BN would surely win no mater what, so they cast their votes to the opposition instead, hoping that they wouldn’t lose too terribly? Who knew that the sympathy votes turned out to be their winning factor?

The chaotic scene last night: non-stop of phone ringing, tv election news blasting, incessant chattering.

*points finger at them* hopped in jubilation upon the unexpected results.

*frowns at Khairy’s victory votes*

I thought initially he lost??? And then they recounted. And then he won. What???

Oh oh oh Samy Vellu says goodbye! OMG finally after nine terms since 1974!

“Many of his supporters were seen crying when he left the hall.”

He still has supporters??? Jeez. Ridiculous.

Shah Alam falls under opposition too! Hopefully there will be pork selling the next time I pay a visit. And also, more shopping malls? more cinemas? more pubs/clubs/discos? Poor Yoei XD

Mahathir: He should really consider giving up the seat.
Abdullah: I shall never resign.


By the way, I think young people these days couldn’t care less about political issues. Wonder if some of them are even aware of the result last night? Bet they’re nonchalant even on who rules the country. Not that I’m really into political (couldn’t be bothered to even read about it in the newspaper). But I think it really does matter for our future, our next generation and DUH, our country!

Are you ready for the whole new change?

The time has come when the rotten trees get chopped off and the potential seeds be sown.

Rejoice! =)

More mirrors for Malaysiakini:


Xiang Yan said...

Love this article, you rock!! BN still win comprehensively in my area, LOL... P156 Kota Tinggi and N37 Johor Lama

Copykate said...

thanks mate! XD

yea like i said, BN still sits strong in Johor. we can only HOPE for the better :P

Xiang Yan said...

Yeah, UMNO born in Johor. How can a mother abandon her own child, LOL...

Copykate said...

my mum is from bp. and according to her, all the aunties there support BN and never once vote for opp. hard to see changes then. *sigh*

Johnny Ong said...

this time round, its not sympathy votes anymore.

i have been doing survey for last 1 month and all 3 major races in msia were fed up with the govt. and the election results showed the same reaction.

many ppl have the same thinking and translated that thinking into voting against the govt

am glad that u took note of malaysian politics. dont be ignorant of it as it cant escape the life of a living person ..hehe besides tax and death

Copykate said...

this is something we citizens should be aware of. after all it's not just about the country, but about each and everyone of us too.

i tell you, there's a big possibility that muar will fall back to BN on the next election. but we can't tell, until the day comes.

Cat said...

U make some points here~cool

People vote for DAP, not for that DAP noob in Muar, he can't even give a decent speech (so do our dearest tidur "UncLe Lah", LoL). I wonder what's his first sentence in Parliament, selamat pagi tuan tuan dan puan puan?

It is really a hard decision for Muar voters, they just don't believe MCA-BN anymore which end up voted for a noob. I seriously doubt about Muarian decision in voting a noob~But, we will see...we will see..coming 4 years

JPA scholars vote for BN? I think they made their stand very firm and clear. This is reasonable as most of them won't bother the future of Malaysia as they probably won't come back to work in Malaysia after their overseas study. I mean...WHo cares? If I'm in their shoe, I will vote for BN as well simply because this is still BN M-a-l-a-y-s-i-a and I don't want to take the risk of losing my million worth scholarship.

A not so patriotic, not so noveL Malaysian

Copykate said...

cool, u too know about the noob XD

as for the jpa part, i can totally understand how they feel. if they were ever tracked down, needless to say, their million fortune would surely be gone.

hard-rock fact that we have to swallow down with.

btw, i feel disgusted at how they defended khairy in order to save him from embarrassment.

so much for democratic.