Thursday, March 27, 2008

F*cking Dress Code

You dare say this isn’t cool???

First attempt:

Second attempt:

Third attempt:

Wtfreak I look all the same in every photo -_____-

I’m kinda sick of wearing girlish dresses, so today, even though it was a date with a guy, I decided to put on this cool tee matched with a pair of army shorts!

New one! Saw it when I was at the wholesale place. For once, I believe in love at first sight! I fell in love with this tee the first time I saw it! I told dad it was cool (he probably didn’t bother to read the words, not like he understands), and we bought 1dozen! I think it comes in 6 different colours. Tell me if you want it. Though I’m really reluctant to allow anyone to wear the same cool tee as me! XD

Now, please stop asking why I always have to pose the same way.

It is simply because the left side of my face looks freaking huge and ugly and you probably wouldn’t bother to visit my blog again after I post it! O.o

Nah, see see see?

I guess it was because of the curve of my hair. Somehow it makes my face look huge! So, it’s the hair’s fault la? Then then then, my face isn’t big after all! XD

By the way, that’s my so-called “imaginary friend”. When I told them I went bowling with a guy, they started accusing me for being delusional, saying that perhaps the guy is just an imaginary friend. Wtfreakbbq. He’s real k! A real man guy with flesh and bone!

Guess what? After supper, he started driving me to a dark and eerie scarily dangerous place. So I was like “wtf I fcking hate this place it’s so fcking dark and scary you don’t fcking drive me here you better fcking get me out of this fcking shit place now!” Erm, except that I didn’t put it that way. Well, you know I’m always nice and polite. HAHAHAHAHAHA. I merely uttered, “Hey, I don’t like this place. It’s dangerous.” Duh, he understood.

Oh, so he drove to another brighter but quiet place -______-

And guess what we did?


Something you would never expected lo.

See what my friends said when I started telling them about the story.

jc says: shut up?
jc says: wat did YOU do
jc says: or what can you do

mengyoei - m down. blog updated 20/03/08 says: Then?kinky stuff!

OMG don’t you think my friends are so smart???

You really wanna know what we did?

You sure???

*drums rolling*




AND. . .



LOL wtfreakbbq?
Ggkthxbye. So much for the dry humour =/


joshuaongys said...

aisehhhh... why la talk bout religion.. swt... lolx

Holly Jean said...

Your tee is cool. what wholesale place?! how come Sg dun have one :(

Twinkle said...

I want it! HOw much?

Copykate said...

joshuaongys: no idea, he started questioning me about christianity. eventually he talked about his buddhism. then we just kept talking and talking. LOL

holly jean: there's this street in kl where all the wholesale shops are located. not so sure abt sg :P

Copykate said...

twinkle: wait i go check XD

Simon Seow said...

Amen amitabha.

F*king cool T-shirt, where did you bought it? If I wear it will I look like a sissy?

Copykate said...

bought it from my supplier. selling in red, dark green, dark brown and beige now XD

erm, i don't think the tee is big enough to fit u.


bacterium said...

Big face? Bet you don't know who humpty dumpty is.

joshuaongys said...

question u bout christianity den proceed on with his buddhism.... swt.. speechless

Copykate said...

bacterium: shuddup. lol.

joshuaongys: yea, that was exactly what happened. swt right? XD

amb3r1te said...


Seizhin said...

Heh, I was laughing when both of you talked about religion. ahaha.

Copykate said...

amb3r1te: LOL

seizhin: lame right. i laugh when i think about it XD

Frisco Daniel said...

why the other ones face is distorted? dont be like that... show some part of it eh...

by theway, everyone does have the ugly part of their faces...

Copykate said...

frisco daniel: i showed some part of him, didn't i? hair, neck, hands and shirt! that's more than enough XD

jeez. so u r saying i look ugly X(