Monday, March 31, 2008

Trashy Fake Lashes

Hey dollies, look at my super-long-bitchy-like-so-xia-xue fake lashes!

Oh, it looks kinda trashy from here. And not at all xiaxue-liked. The tip was falling off k X( Forget it.

The point is, my fake lashes can do wonders! There was this one night when Katie and I went to a saloon to pick up Jess. The metal door that closes from upward (the kind you see in normal shoplots) was pulled down a quarter. Being so proud of my fake lashes and my new high-waisted pinafore, I paraded to the exit in between Katie and Jess. It took me quite a few seconds to realize what actually happened when all of a sudden, there was a blasting loud BANG! (sounded like gunshot) I can swear it was so loud that the whole street heard it. There was an awkward silence for the next 3seconds. I quickly fled into my car!

All because my fake lashes covered my upper vision, causing the door to fall on the blind spot, hence the unexpected accident!

(sorry Katie for not including you in the illustration. lol)

No, I did not feel the slightest pain, as shame had overwhelmed pain.

That night, I decided to discard that particular pair of fake lashes and swear not to wear it again.

Enough on the eyelashes.

Introducing the three of us!

LOL. I heart Witchery Ider! (the drink, not the shop)

That, is a yummy otak spring roll. Can’t seem to get my hands off my lappie even in the cafĂ©. Wtfreak.


No, that fugly camel-lashes girl is not me. No, she’s not me. Not me. Not me.

How you look like when you receive letter with good news:

Bad news or in this case, indifference (at least for us):

And when you get punished for opening letters without my permission:

Hiak hiak hiak. That’s all. I’m afraid you can’t take it if I post up too many bimbo shots at once.

Save them for the next entry! XD


Simon Seow said...

I see that you're slowly turning to the Jin side. The Sewjin side that is.

Copykate said...

hmm. . . who's sewjin again?? so familiar

Copykate said...

oh oh! with lotsa cartoon! XD

bacterium said...

You must be implying that katie and jess are real short. :)

Kate the iron-head girl!
Psst.. Iron man is almost showing now.

Copykate said...

ROFL! actually they are.

omg *runs*

nuts. you should have heard how loud it was! good thing my head did not crack. lol

jcjessjessiejessica said...

just that we didnt put on fake lashes and we were smart enough to duck a lil.we are rather short though. BUT still, we watch where we go

Copykate said...

LOL jess. i'm smart too k! it was the fake lashes's fault!