Sunday, March 23, 2008

Place For Chill

My stomach is bloated due to. . . excessive drinking? But heck, it wasn't even a full glass!

The so-called "orgasm" drink consists of caffeine liquor and amaretto, which did not make me feel even a slight of orgasmic, literally XD

Nearly choked by my own cigaratte-smelling hair -.-

That ugly face that appears red-ish under the flash light, with zits starting to build their roots beneath.

I am feeling drowsy already. My biological clock has been badly screwed up for the past few days.

Tomorrow, I shall leave.


Good night.


Simon Seow said...

My biological clock already screwed. I change shift every two weeks, Night > Morning > Night > Morning. Next week have to wake up in the evening and sleep in the morning again.

Copykate said...

really? aww. sounds bad. do u have dark circles now? XD what r u working as anyway?

Seizhin said...

No wonder you were saying that you just woke up yesterday, I see the reason now.

Copykate said...

hey seizhin. yea, and i hardly have enough sleep. it was really bad. glad that it's gonna be over! =)

Simon Seow said...

Oh, I'm a Database Administrator in HP. So, have to work shift, monitoring server in the globe.

Copykate said...

ohhh sounds cool. except the shift part XD