Saturday, March 22, 2008

This Is Emo

It had been drizzling iccesantly for the night.

It wasn’t until 10pm that she had landed safely on the train, after waiting 40minutes for a bus and in the end decided to board a cab, fearing that she might not catch the last train in time. To make things worse, the raindrops drenched her hair, causing her a slight migraine. Being all drained of energy, she succumbed to the fact that she could no longer stand, stretch her neck and watch out for any sign of the bus that comes from beyond the horizon. Shopping for half a day hasn’t done her any good other than filling up her seemingly-forever-empty wardrobe. Her back was aching and her legs were feeling sore. She could feel the acid rain slowly soaking through her scalp, all the way into her brain. In an instant, thousands of her precious cells were mangled.

On top of the Barbie doll mirror, it reflected a messy-haired, pale-faced girl who did not cry out a word under the shadow of night. All of a sudden she was back again in the vulnerable stage. Her eyes showed nothing but weariness. She could not speak for herself as there were millions of thoughts lingering in her mind. The world is no longer as colourful as it was. It is a state of sorrow mingled with pain. Yet, not wanting to be troubled by the darker side of her life, she fled to the bright corner, continue living under the care of the light.

The phone beeped for the third time. She couldn’t have been more familiar with the same caller ID on the screen. She picked it up. At the end of the line, it was a tone that carried all sorts of emotion. It cut through her heart, spoiling her day by reminding her of the upsetting happenings yet again. Giving no mercy of her triggered rage, she raised her voice and yelled to the caller. It was unlawful of her for throwing her pride, performing such behavior in public. It hurt her deeply for being harsh towards someone whom she was so much endeared to. She regretted. Weeping in her heart, she imagined how bleak her future would be. She was stressed up for having to be moulded into how they want her to be. She frowned upon the thought of having to please every individual. She was at the edge of turning into her rebellious self.

On the other hand, it never appeared to her that she could still be missing someone. She was so fond of the guy whom she thought was her prince. There was an empty promise that broke her heart. She could no longer laugh when his face flashes in her mind. Her entire palace has collapsed. He has gone, riding the pony they used to play with. How short the time of happiness, how sad the moment of parting.

The time has come when she has to make a firm decision. She could not afford to take the wrong step again.

Peeping through the tinted window, the girl realized that the sky is no longer crying.

She is happy.

p/s: Check out OUTTA my head from LyricsMode. Do you think they hate me? =(

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N!ck said...

life is too short to miss anything.. :)