Tuesday, March 11, 2008

What The Foul

Been swearing a lot these few days.

Not that I find it cool to swear, I just couldn’t help. And I have no idea why the foul words just simply slip out of my mouth.

I just feel like giving myself a tight slap when I think about it.

It occurred most of the time when I was driving. There are often times when I nearly get banged by the car from the side, and instead of banging hard on the honk, I shout c*b** lah! The words just come out so naturally. Sometimes it would be f***.

Speaking of f***, I overheard a R&B song blasting on the radio.

“They know what is what
But they dunno what is what
They just shrug
What the fuck”

The lyrics simply bemused me. Anyone knows what song it is and who the singer is?


I’m actually quite pissed off now. Dad hung my Abercrombie cardigans in the shop without my knowing! I told him I was gonna sell those stock yet he still kept them for himself! The moment I saw the oh-so-cute Abercrombie, a bitchy customer came in and snapped it away! The grey one summore! The grey one was my favourite k!!! I nearly broke down in tears X(

To make the situation worse, he actually asked me to jaga the shop because he had to complete his very-important-daily-routine which in this case, is none other than visiting the kopitiam. Cilaka. I told him I was going back home and not gonna help him.

HAHA. I know I’m a little bit mean.

I am not gonna talk to him because he reprimanded me for buying clothes from other shops! I am going to ignore him! He is so selfish! I don’t like him!

ROFL I sounded exactly like some immature Standard3 kiddos lo! BTH so childish LOL.

Tell you what, I got my 2nd saman today! Double pissed-off.

According to bro, my parents had already discarded a truck lot of compound bill. However, the number of saman paper kept in the car did not seem to lessen but duplicated! What kinda bullshit is this? Do saman bills grow like mushrooms in the car???

The worst thing that happened today was that I got scolded when I drove home a couple of moment ago. I am not going to drive my mum again it tell you. It was raining when we were on the way back. A branch was falling off from a tree somewhere in my Taman. Without taking much notice, I drove past it straight and the next thing I knew, mum was glaring with me with her scary blood-shot eyes while trying to suck-dry my blood with her fang. It was so creepy that the birds on the tree would have either fled or fainted. Good thing it was raining so there wasn’t any bird.

Cut on the not-so-happy part.

Let me show you some snap shots taken last week!

I love leopard! It’s true. We heart leopard print.

My new classy two tone dress!

Katie at Pizza Hut.

Kate looking as depressed as ever.

Katie at Secret Recipe. Kids burgers and alphabet fries XD

Kate (with ugly eye bags) holding a squashed oreo cookie fully-dipped with oreo milkshake.

I felt like a grown up wearing a formal outfit, driving myself to Secret Recipe what’s more with my laptop!

No, there’s no wireless access in Secret Recipe. We were connecting to the wireless detected from the World Trade Hotel.

Check out Selltrade_KL. I will be selling my newly-bought items soon! <3>


Anonymous said...

Fatboy Slim - What the Fuck

Not an R&B song :P

Copykate said...

aha thanks! so that's the title of the song? cool XD

not R&B, what could it be then?

Anonymous said...

I think Fatboy Slim is a big beat artist... you can look big beat up in Wikipedia for more info ^_^

Copykate said...

thankies XD

usws said...

I think it's actually called Star 69. But it is by Fat Boy Slim. The lyrics if you're interested



p.s. R&B, Pop, Rock.. i can't tell the difference. HAHA!

Copykate said...

thanks for the link!

lol i used to have difficulty differentiating them too.

ok, d-i-f-f-e-r-e-n-t-i-a-t-i-n-g is a long word XD