Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hadyai Trip

Finally updating on my Hadyai trip!

It was a 4days 3nights stay cause the first night spent on the bus wasn’t included.

To be frank, I wasn’t at all satisfied with the so-called 5 Stars Hotel we stayed. At first I was really excited like, omg really 5 stars??? Moreover the hotel name itself was “Lee Gardens” which stirred a sense of familiarity.

“Mum look, we’re gonna stay at Lee Gardens Plaza Hotel which is one of my precious properties!”

As if the “Lee” has got any relation with my family XD

Yes, the building is tall. So tall that my camera couldn’t capture it from top to bottom.

But I have to tell you that the elevator system was extremely troublesome. Firstly, unlike any other hotels, the lobby is on the 10th floor. Obviously the management of the hotel is smart enough to have built the ground floor as shop lots and rent them to McD, Guardian, boutiques etc. Can you imagine how much they would earn by renting the place to these shops? I can assure you that rental on such hotel, especially for the ground floor is already more than enough for 6months supply of my family.

If you ask, what’s wrong with the lobby being located at the 10th floor? You aren’t gonna pay regular visits to the lobby after all. Ok let me tell you what. There are 8 elevators in the hotel. Amongst them, only 3 lifts are able to direct you to 10th floor. As for the other 5 lifts, they can only go down (to the basement) but not up! As you reach the 10th floor, you have to get out of the lift because the maximum level it can reach is the 10th floor. Then you take one out of the 5lifts in order to reach the floor where your room is located. Sounds complicated huh? It works just as much troublesome as it sounds! In short, we have to take a lift to the lobby and be transferred to another lift, only then we get to reach our hotel room. The same rules applied for going down. Wouldn’t you feel like kicking and tearing out the whole elevator especially when you are all tired and cranky after a whole day of shopping?!

But that’s not all. As you reach the level of your room, you will see 2 glass doors which separate the left and right section of that particular level. Without your room card, it is impossible to pass through the glass door as it would only be unlocked when you place the card on the keyhole. Then, the room cards for the left section can’t unlock the glass door of the right section. There was no way one could cross the border line without having the little magic card. So much for security precaution. It doubled the trouble when it came to seeing one another so sometimes we just left the glass door opened =P

Apparently they have some problem spelling too.

It was a 5 star hotel so I thought it wasn’t a spelling error, instead some unique dessert they had invented to serve us tourists. So I went forward and asked the staff. Hmm, all of them fled when I started conversing in simple English. Our tour guide, who noticed something was amiss, came to their rescue.

I was right. They spelt it wrongly. What a shame.

Don’t mock at people’s country. Malaysia is not much better k. Look at this sandwich I bought from a highway stall.

*better stop complaining cause I make such mistake quite frequently too*

But they’re pretty obvious, don’t you think?

Heart the beach at Songkhla!

I call it “the mermaid place”.

Kinda in love with this pic.

Abangchua said this pic is funnily weird???

This is more like the very bimbo-ish Kate XD

Doggy foot prints on the sand. *cute*

With the tour guide named Ah Jiao/Kiao. I nearly asked how’s Edison when she introduced herself.

Sea coconut or something. I prefer them to the ordinary big coconuts.

Room mates.

3 of us didn’t want to be separated from one another, so we stayed together and ditched another Malay girl. Pity her. Anyhow both rooms were connected so she didn’t feel so secluded.

Shopping carts XD

These dried longan taste so good!

Dried prawns and crabs. How cute! Wasn’t allowed to add them to my shopping list as mum claimed that they were not fresh. DUH.

Dad said you can’t declare that you’ve been to Thailand without stepping into their temple.


At first I was quite reluctant, but later on I decided it wasn’t a big problem. So, these are the pix taken there. Did not bother to ask for the name of the place XD

Fly, little birdies, fly!

K for Kate. Kate has wings and tiara (oh no upside down)! XD

Looks so oily I know. No choice, these are a few of my favourites.

Of course, that wasn’t all I had for breakfast. Do I look like the kinda girl who gives a shit about calories and eat so little like a kitten?

Pineapple is a must-eat in Thailand.

Roadside stalls. There’re more fascinating ones which I did not remember taking pix cause I was so busy shopping. And that’s our VIP bus with those little cute bees.

Red spiders the-very-geli.

On the way to Pasar in tut-tut.

Sunnies love!

Sampan boats we used to cross the Le Khakob Cave.

OMG we’re reaching we’re reaching! No joke, we crossed the very tiny space. We had to lie down on the boat to prevent ourselves from being disfigured.

Taken while lying down on the boat. It was a chaotic scene as the girls were all squeaking and making funny sounds.

Freaking look like skulls!

There were places where we could get down and walk.

Resembles the look of roasted ducks.

According to the cave guides, this is called ah gong ah ma. For me, it’s quite hard to see the woman lying on top of the man.

Wtfreak. So many obscene rocks?

Watch your head!

The water level rose up that day so we didn’t pass through the most adventurous corner. I heard that the final exit is so narrow that the width could only fit the boat just nice, and as you are lying down, you have to remove your glasses or they would clash with the cave. Man, can you imagine that??? We would have been stuck inside and suffocate to death! Thank God we did not enter!

This plate cost me 120baht (RM12). Didn’t want to buy it at first, but everyone kept telling me how good I look in the photo. Well, I do look good compared to their unprepared not-so-nice-looking faces =P

Cool toilet signs at a restaurant.



Makes me wonder, when tranny wants to go toilet, which one do they enter???

Yes, we couldn't miss akua show!

She’s one of my favourites. I took a pic with her at the end of the show (foc). The pic is in my dad’s friend’s cam though. Haven’t get it from him. So, no boobie-grabbing pic for you! XD

Look, we were all wearing the same type of stripey shorts! (looking pale with my over-powdered face)

I have no idea why they were sitting like that on the staircase infronta the hotel XD

Daddy and mummy. Ha, do I sound like a kiddo who still yearns for parental love?

Last but not least. . .

Ok, I’m not gonna tell you much about my first time foot massage experience. It was way too embarrassing. I laughed out loud like mad when he started washing my legs. And then I laughed for the rest of the massage session too.

I am not gonna show you pic of me laughing with my mouth wide-opened!!!

Very bo-song lo I tell you, I didn’t get the handsome massage guy. He was taken by my cousin X(

The next time I go, I better ask Seizhin to be my tour guide XD

1hour spent editing, 1more hour writing, another hour uploading.


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