Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Pipe Burst

I wouldn’t stop until I lost it all.
How true.

Last night, I was pokering til late midnight. Just when I thought I’ve struck a fortune by getting fullhouse twice, I lost them all again to a girl named Siew Bak. Like, that’s her real name. Shao rou??? LOL. No offence here, who knows if she happened to read this. It was really heart-breaking I tell you. Being a novice in poker who had only been playing for 3days (or was it 2?) and had just got the very first star ranking. The only good thing is that I managed to defeat Nick in one round when he actually thought he was gonna win! Now, zombie sifu, aren’t you proud of me? You’ve been teaching me to PWND him after all! Jeez, I shouldn’t be so mean since he’s been giving me countless chips when I kept losing XD

I really thought I could be spared from the world to sleep till the next noon.

I could vaguely remember what my dream was about. I was probably on a vacation then. It occurred to me that my vision was blur in the dream cause apparently I was neither wearing my contact lens nor glasses. Just when I was about to wash up in the small but seemingly cosy hotel room (I dunno, there were two other guys, but we weren’t having threesome cause one of them was CK. Yes, you, Choong Keat. How random. Wtfreak. Can’t recall the other guy though. So, each of us in a different room but all rooms are linked together.). . . Let me repeat, just when I was about to wash up in the hotel room, I heard someone knocking my door. Someone freaking knocked on my door in real life!!! Who was trying to wake me up early in the morning when I hadn’t even get 50% of my sleep??? *knocking continuously* Couldn’t she just give up and find some other option other than waking me up? Must be asking for my favour. The knocking wouldn’t stop. Unwillingly, I got up from the bed with my eyes closed and headed towards the door. Garn. It was my sis. Asking me to fetch mum to work and telling me it’s flooding in the shopping complex!

Some lousy pipe burst and the water cascaded everywhere, making the place a non-boundary ocean. Needless to say, dad’s shops are affected. The jeans are wet. The shoes are dirtied. The dresses are contaminated! Ok, not that I really cared. Just feeling nonchalant on the incident. I haven’t witness the scene after all. Having no notion on how bad it was. I dunno if dad’s gonna suffer any loss since he could just bring home the clothes, wash them, dry them, iron them and hang on the rack for sales again. That’s if they’re not severely stained and are still in a washable state. I could have gone there and take a few picture to show you whether it really looked like a sea as claimed. I doubt so. Probably more like a drain. I dunno, hopefully someone would take a shot and show me. Reminds me of The Gardens.

Still in my green batik pyjamas, and with a half-asleep muddle head, I drove mum out to the so-called flooded ocean. Good thing I remembered wearing a bra before leaving the house. I don’t sleep in my bra. Anyone who does so is asking for trouble. And guess what, as usual, I freaking got scolded for driving recklessly! Now, you see the disadvantage of getting a driving license. First, you are coerced into waking up early to fetch your mum. Secondly, you get reprimanded no matter how well you drive. I already signalled wat. If the motorbike bang me then it’s his fault lah stupid. Why do I need to avoid him? Honestly, I hate motorbikes especially those who drive in the middle of the road as if the road belong to their ah-gong. The next time I see one, I’m gonna hit the honk so loud that even his heart would fly out from his throat! Serves him right. Why not they go back to their kampong and ride? I’m sure the chickens won’t mind.

On another random thought, I hate the road in my Taman. I realized a surge in my hatred against the road since I started driving. Do they have to make a bump after every 2seconds of driving distance??? I’m driving a manual car, which means I have to change the gear every now and then! Pretty sure that the gear’s days are numbered. Counting to the day when it would finally break down and give up on its service after being so faithful without a word of complain under my nasty hand. Neh, sometimes it grumbles too. But only when I forgot to step hard on the clutch. The gear loves the clutch you see. They can’t possibly live without each other. So stupid. One day I shall modify the car and separate them forever and ever! Shit, better not let them hear this or else they would mogok or even worse, play trick on me.

The sunnies which I wear while driving. Uber cool, no?

There are also many holes on the particular road. Please la YB, do something about it since you’re staying so near my house. Erection cuming, dun saey we neber poke you.

Recently, I’ve ditched “Simple” facial wash gel and started using “Clean & Clear”. So effective that I have no more zits on my face! Deep Action Cleanser, the name tells it all. I remember those days on college when pimples grew on my forehead incessantly. Thanks to the rusty shower in the lousy hostel. Loo, please stop complaining that your Semenyih is jail, hell etc. You dunno how bad my place was. At least you don’t have to wash your baby smooth face with dirty water. Those days, I always feared that my forehead would be covered with miniature volcanoes. Imagine you squeeze out the pus and they fell on the mirror, eventually making it yellow polka dotted. Eew that’s so sick! I wouldn’t want to imagine one day when we creative and innovative generation will invent such thing known as pus bomb! Bomb down the city you’re your giant pus balls! Bomb them down! LOL.

On another account, I have 2more pills to go. Have been skipping them after meals. Can’t blame me for being forgetful since I’m not used to taking medicine. I would say that I’m fully recovered now, which means. . .


So sweet. So exotic. So finger-licking hmmmmmmmm~


bacterium said...

clutch? what is that? sounds like something to wash clogged basin.

Pus smells too.
But it can't beat the smell of rotting and bloated mammals.
Yum yum.

Copykate said...


haven't u heard of clutch?

kidding me.

the last time u drove a manual car must be centuries ago XD

btw, ur last two sentences dun make sense at all.


zomfgwtfbbq said...

You need to learn a lot more in poker to actually get better... zzz

Copykate said...

zombie sifu!

yea, which directly means u need to teach me more XD