Monday, March 24, 2008

1 Week of Fun

After one whole hectic week, I’m finally back to my home sweet home.

As I was on the way to the bus station, I was having an ambivalence feeling towards my homecoming. A part of me was reluctant to leave, after all the fun and joyful moment, but another part of me couldn’t wait to go home to relax myself and recharge my energy, meanwhile of knowing that my family are longing for my return.

The earliest ticket I could get from the usual companies was 4.00pm, which was 1hour later. To save the trouble of waiting another hour at the highly-congested bus station, I took the risk by buying a 3.30pm ticket from a random company. But in the end, it wasn’t until 4pm that the bus finally reached the platform. Wtfreak. Luckily it was a VIP bus, or else I would have filed a complaint! X(

So, here are some of the Pajama Party pictures I did not manage to upload earlier on:

The kinky nuffies! Emily the police woman and Natalie the nurse.

Robb and ginger bread man who actually appeared in The Star.

Zoe the lil sis.

Ginny, the French maid!

Wendy aka Xia Xue.

Kate, Xia Xue, Mike (the cute boyfriend) and Zoe.

Dawn Yang! =)))

Anyway, there was this day when we were shopping in Sunway Pyramid and passed by Pappa Rich, then there was this waiter who handed Samantha a flier that was written “FREE DRINK”.

Apparently they were giving out free drinks without any conditions. But it’s only valid on that day.

Chia Hui thought that it wasn’t a good idea for us to just enter the sop, sit down and have the free drink, and then walk off without footing the bill. So he decided to order some roti. Wtfreak. Now you see how they lured people into the shop in order to improve the business? LOL.

The rest of us chose to enjoy the free drinks. They offered it after all XD

My Cin cau ais =)

Zi Li the big joker, and Kate looking very fat.

Jess the camwhore.

Redbox with Sunway mates.

Always Jay’s songs. We heart!

My new leopard skin bag from Tang’s Collection. It was on sales! XD

Jess having her eyebrow trimmed in the middle on shopping mall. Wtfreak?

Scarily-long eyelash extension.

We had a mini blogger meeting. Or more precise, kscboxers gathering. Read on to find out who were present that night.

Bored. Camwhore in N!ck's car.

Old unc charl’s car. (Zoe and I exchanged =P)

And guess who?

Yoei! Skinny apek. OMG did he wear that shirt just to prove that he isn’t gay??? LOL. Be thankful to me cause I chose to post up your nicest pic! =)

My new “Polka Dog” tee from Lence London. RM10.50 for one. So cheap lo!



Charmayne! It was funny how we called Zombie’s Australia number just to ask for Charm’s number.

First time meeting. I think Charm looks so much prettier in real life =)

Kate having an “orgasm” (caffeine liquor+amaretto as mentioned earlier. Duh)

Glowing lemon drop?

Is this how you look like after you have an “orgasm”? LMAO. Fugly.

No, I wasn’t drunk.

But my hair was smelling really bad when I reached home X(

Anyway, I’m back in my hometown today! Travelling is becoming a common routine in my life. Jeez.

My shopping stuff scattered all over the floor -.-

Kay kay. Here comes the bimbotic part. I’m gonna show you my new clothes! For the sake of showing? XD

Daniel Chong dress. My favourite piece among all. (electric blue)

Eyelet bubbly from Harajuku. There’s a maroon satin sash!

Erm erm. . I dunno the name. It’s. . a dress. Somebody, help me with the name? (might want to sell it)

Waistless oversized dress, best matched with waist clincher. I bought purple and mustard yellow cause I couldn’t decide which one I would look better in. Don’t you heart the collar?? XD I would most probably get the purple one. Tell me if you wanna buy the other one k?

Sequin detailed flora print silk dress.

Square neck circle geometric mini dress.

Collared velvet long top, with gold buttons and heart-shaped leather belt!

Another waistless oversized dress =)

There’s no need to show my mum these. She’s already freaked out when I told her about the Daniel Chong dress =x


HAHAHAHAHAHAHA so bimbotic right? OMG totally heart it!

Last but not least, Topshop undies!!! Oh gosh, I think I’ve been so addicted with them XD

Next time, I should get some good-bargained heels.

Till then <3


Robb said...

oi! i never knew got picture of me upfront like tat! lol!! scary shit!

Copykate said...

yea i took the pic. can see ur rib bone! LOL

Sue Me said...

Gosh..I love your wanna shop
Ah pek is gay la..he wear what shirt aso same la..wakakaka..

Copykate said...

i'm broke dy. gotta stop shopping for a while.

the gay ah pek looks so good in that pic! XD

Simon Seow said...

Give a break to Charlie la, always call him Uncle.

Hmm.. I thought it's call Pappa Kopitiam, why change name already?

Copykate said...

used to calling him uncle dy. lol.

oh it's pappa kopitiam? i'm not sure. follow the name of the flier XD get free drink without knowing the name of the shop!