Friday, March 7, 2008

Cool Shitty

I lost my eyelash curler.

My mascara is nearly dried up but there isn’t anymore ZA CutieCurl selling in Watson at the moment.

Please buy me a bottle of fake lash adhesive glue.

Also, I need to trim my eyebrow badly!

Something I wore to KL yesterday. A long top paired up with skinny jeans and a pair of little red heels.

Cool shit.

I thought the statement was rather rude though. At least my “Bitch Club” shirt wasn’t offensive. But this???

Maybe I should consider selling it off. But, where else can you find something so bold? Totally heart it!

Sheesh. Self-contradicting.

Trying out with my newly-downloaded Picasa. Do you see any difference in my pix? Hmm. . .

Long gone are the days when I had to live up with ugly braces. That should explain my yellowish looking teeth right now.

I should just edit all my smiling pix to black and white next time!

Still yet to update my fashion bloggie. Lotsa goodies here!

Sorry to make them look like trash here. I hope my customers don’t get turned off upon seeing this. They’re actually Enamel Croc Pattern Embossed Boston Tote. Comes in a few colours. Tell me if you're interested in purchasing the bag. I shall give you discount! LOL. The proper pictures will be posted up soon. But of course, not on this blog XD

Anyway, care group at 8pm. And I completely forgotten that I haven’t wash my hair!!!


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