Thursday, March 13, 2008

Nuffnang+Chipster > Pajama Party!

I am going to pajama party held by Nuffnang this Saturday! XD

Jeez. I should feel guilty for not making the "I Sleep Better With Chipster" earlier on. And now Robb made me do this! Mean mean mean! Erm. . nope. He's actually very kind to have given me an invitation. Heart ya sweetie!

This is not a "cincai" entry as requested by him! I put on my pajama and snapped nice nice pix k! =P

See, my bear bear and doggie heart chipster!

That's my new orangey satin cutie bear prints 2-piece pyjamas! Nope, I'm not wearing this to the party. Surely I have something better to show you guys. Just wait. We shall see XD

Typical camwhore. Blah. It's my favourite sour cream & onion!

Oh by the way, look at this:

Christien New is calling an audition for his new movie!

Click here to read more and download the entry form.

A conversation on pix I was choosing for CN's audition:

For your information, it's one of the bimbotic shots I posted earlier on.

Apparently he too said I look too seductive in that particular pic.

Not true not true not true.

Only he thinks so =)))


Robb said...

yea~ not 'cincai'~ XD

Copykate said...

of course.

yeah yeah pajama party~ XD