Monday, March 3, 2008

Not-So-Green Eyes

Me: My blue contact lense lens broke.
Him: Thank god, finally!
Me: Thank god I have green eyes now! XD
Him: . . .

Trust me, I just wanted to take a few pictures to show you my green eyes.

Eyebag is more obvious than green lense -.-

Like this can? Omigosh scarily pale! LOL.

Then I thought my chinese 12 animal zodiac tee wasn't that nice so I changed into my new satin bow cutesy dress.

Don't you think my green eyes look way too natural? You can't really see that it's green except under flash light. It's more like, grey!

Why??? I want green eyes! I want that pair of green cat eyes!!!

I wonder, do cats play around with curtain?

I'm like, a crazy camwhore.

Or, aren't camwhores all the same? Do you even need extra description for camwhores to differentiate one another?

Hmm, maybe there are some difference. Like, I don't camwhore with piece peace sign or open my eyes big big intentionally (except when I want to show you my cosmetic lense!).
I don't act cute either (occasionally yes. other than that it's cute, not act cute. ROFL)

See, you call this act cute?

Ok, I do take pictures from up. But anyone who has a little bit of photographing skill knows that one would always look better from up there. Of course there're many more angles from which you would look good, but you can hardly go wrong from up XD

Still not done with the curtain. LOL.

Sometimes, I wish to be known as a someone with achievement rather than a brainless bitch who knows nothing other than bitching shopping. Ok guess what, I just discovered how to use strikethrough in blogspot today! Thanks to Nick =P Gah, didn't know it was so easy! Now I'm gonna use strikethrough. Use it! Use it! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

We just have to accept the society as it is. Unfair as it seems, what more can you do about it? The strong rulez, the weak get trampled on. Who would listen to your opinion? Who would pull you up when you stumble and fall? Even as you get up, will you be known as the same good person, or one who once stumbled and fell? Will you be treated as equally as any others? Will they want to listen to you as you voice out deep from your heart?

Yet, circumstances that occurs might be bad at the moment, but you never know what are the good things that come after. Bad as it seems, good things are ahead.

It's never right to accuse that I've been wasting my days rotting at home. In fact, I've learnt a lot throughout these few months. Such as, how to make money online PEOPLE. Yea, I've learnt about people. This is like, wow, I'm beng exposed to all sorts of people. This is new! My life has just begun! But, how do you usually categorize them? Say, BAD one, GOOD one. KIND one, EVIL one. That sounds so kiddo-ish. I dunno, I'm waiting for you to tell me the answer.

I don't think there's a need for me to always look at the dark side of people. Why be so negative?

This isn't the best time for me to start on such post =/

(continue showing pic)

Peeps, you gotta check out Warkah untuk PM

I'm preparing mine. Nope, I mean, I will prepare it tomorrow. Procrastinate as usual. Hopefully the feedback will safely reach there.

So much to do on the next day.

Meanwhile, I'm learning poker. Zombie Ed, can you please teach me? I still have no clue on how it works. Or, can anyone else teach me? Hmm, please don't ask me to google it whatsover. *demands for a sifu*

So, I gotta sleep. Good night!


blindtape said...

Surprisingly you're one of camladies I don't get bored looking at. But it's not like you care, right? =\

Don't get me wrong though, I only like boys.

Anyway, nice pair of lenses, a lot better than the blue one, honest.

Copykate said...

omg that's like the best comment i ever got! LOL!

i think this new pair looks rather natural. compared to the blue one.

and where have u been? never see u in kscb.

surprisingly u dropped by here XD