Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Shits I Say After Break Ups

We all have been through break up(s) at one point of our lives. It's true that our past relationships made us stronger and wiser, at the same time gave us an idea of what we really want in our next guy. But most of the time after each break up, we either become a depressed/crazy/obsessive/desperate/arrogant/potential nun/i-hate-the-world ex who utters some stupid shits every now and then in our daily conversations.

Here's a list of shits I say after breaking up. Pretty sure I've said more but these are what I could think of at the moment. What are the shits you say after break ups? Feel free to add on!

1. I don't need a man anyway.

2. Why is everyone in a relationship?

3. When will I ever get a boyfriend?

4. He was such an asshole!

5. I am an asshole magnet.

6. I don't like uncircumcised penis anyway.

7. He never bought me flowers.

8. Never trust a man who drives a Porsche.

9. I know his latest Facebook status is about me.

10. He is not that good looking after all.

11. I will find a better one next time.

12. I am still hotter than his new girlfriend.

13. It's okay, karma will get him.

14. We are not meant to be.

15. I can't date someone who hates sashimi anyway.

16. I prefer a smaller dick.

17. I always knew he was a cheater.

18. Single life rocks.

19. It must be God's will.

20. I am so totally over him.

21. Who is that girl in his new profile photo? She's such a whore!

22. I am destined to be an old spinster.

23. When will I ever find my true love?

24. Who needs a boyfriend when you have a MacBook?

25. Gosh I must be blind to have fallen for him!

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