Sunday, September 1, 2013


Woke up yesterday like any ordinary day, except my day just got real interesting with a Facebook message I received from an ex-boyfriend’s girlfriend.

Wait a second, what does even mean? I think she meant 人。I would have expected perfect Chinese from her considering that she’s from China.

Didn’t bother to censor her name because I think anyone who called me a slut shouldn’t be afraid that her ugly identity is revealed to the world.

means slut according to Google translate. What the fuck have I done to deserve being called a slut???

Used back the same word on her since she got it wrong. Wah  now I’m her Chinese teacher lol. That poker face is a bit lame lah I meant to use -_- but somehow it turned into a poker face emoticon wtf.


“Please stop contacting my boyfriend”

“Thank you”

There, I unbiasedly translated her reply for you people who can’t read Chinese.

I was very confused when she said that because the last time in many many months I had a conversation with her boyfriend was on my birthday a few days ago when he wished me happy birthday and I asked where my present is, that’s all. The conversation barely lasted for 5 lines in total. I don’t see how that could possibly threaten her relationship to be honest.

Fcking pissed for being accused so I asked him directly for an answer.

But instead of apologizing on her behalf and explaining to me what the hell was going on, he told me it was my fault!

First he said long story, tell you later.

Then he said nothing, bye.

What the fuck???

See the last line I was confused and upset I desperately demanded for an answer but he simply ignored me after saying bye :(

Didn’t want to act like a crazy obsessive ex-girlfriend so I decided to stop asking.

Replied that girl instead. Later on I showed my bestie the conversation and she was like omg it's in fan ti, makes it even harder to read! (she's a banana lol). Actually only my reply is 繁体 la. What happens after you date a Taiwanese. Just want to act cool like that. Teehee.

Wanted to be mean and tell her that she’s just a rebound girl but don’t dare cause karma is a bitch. Later I suey suey become someone else’s rebound girl in the future. Not worth it.

So instead I asked if she’s an idiot lo. Okay lah she called me a slut I called her an idiot, I’m still the less bitchy one. Asked her what’s there to be worried about since it was just a birthday wish, and that it’s meaningless to be together if she doesn’t even have some faith in him.

First I was like her Chinese teacher, now I even become her relationship advisor? Pfft.

In response she accused me of keeping in contact with him all this while! And that I shouldn’t be doing this since I had a boyfriend!

That’s total bullshit! I don’t even remember when was the last time we chatted on Facebook. Definitely didn’t chat on whatsapp because there wasn’t any history. But even if we still keep in contact, so what?? No romance, no flirting, nothing at all! The only time I remember we chatted (sort of) was when I went to Singapore, only because Aldrich whose house I was staying at happened to be one of his best friends who enjoys hijacking my FB account.

Bitch, you think I like chatting so much with your boyfriend ah? And like she said I had a boyfriend when the conversations took place. What’s there to worry about?? Besides both of them are in London for god’s sake! It’s not like I can snap my finger and summon him to come sleep with me or something. Not that I want to even if I could!

Okay maybe it’s too shallow of me to just think about sleeping. HAHA. Maybe she’s worried that he is emotionally attached to me despite us being oceans apart! :O :O :O

Apparently he chose to break up with her in order to protect our friendship, according to her. But why? The only interpretation I could come out with is that the overly attached bitch forced him to choose either me or her. Perhaps you think it’s easy peasy, just choose her la she’s the girlfriend I’m just an ex. But we’ve known each other for 10 years, do you think that’s the kind of friendship you can easily give up on? While on the other hand they’ve only known each other for less than a year. Hello??? Is she that stupid to even ask him to pick between us??? Making your boyfriend’s life difficult isn’t gonna earn you any bonus point, sadly.

Later on I realized that he blocked me on Facebook. So much for our 10 years of friendship. Sigh :’(

I guess he blocked me and swore to her never to speak to me again just so they could continue their relationship. Since we hardly ever talk anyway.

Or maybe she logged into his account and blocked me on his behalf?

Judging from his assholic response to me on whatsapp I wouldn’t be surprised if he indeed blocked me. But I’m still pissed I haven’t got the explanation I deserve after being called a slut by a china girl! FML.

Anyway guys I have too much free time these days so I dwell on stupid things like this. Normally I would just shrug off when someone calls me a slut la (not that anyone does, except my best friend because only she is allowed to call me that). But now I am writing one blog post because of that. Ridiculous LOL.


Kian Fai Koh said...


Ignore them Kate! :)

Copykate said...

Kian Fai: 对啊, 明明就是他们小两口的问题但偏要把我扯进去! 推卸责任还骂我贱人 :(

Shieh Lin Teo said...

Lol, i couldn't stop laughing for your first reply to her, "get the word right"~ Nice one.

Copykate said...

Shieh Lin: oh it's you, hello! ^^ thanks! was just trying to be bitchy and used back the same word on her lol

Isabellmiao Soo said...

hahahaha!! been so long since I've come across someone this stupid.

Copykate said...

Isabellmiao: exactly. siao one anyhow dragged me in :(

Pei Kee Tiong said...

So funny :x .. Ignore it and have a nice day! ^^

Copykate said...

Pei Kee: thanks, you too! ^^