Saturday, September 14, 2013

Bali Petitenget - Waroeng Bonita & Potato Head Beach Club

The famous Potato Head Beach Club is a must-go destination in Bali. Lucky for us that Bali Ayu Villa (will do a separate review on that later on) is located at Jalan Petitenget so we could walk back after a couple of drinks at Potato Head since our driver was off duty by then.

Dressed in our maxi dresses and ready to go! ^^

We had our dinner and pre-drink at Waroeng Bonita, a romantic candlelight outdoor restaurant which is classier than any other ordinary waroeng. In fact the name waroeng does not justify for its lovely ambience!

For some reason all the diners there were ang moh.  Maybe Asians don’t like dining outdoor? Or the atmosphere might have given a false impression that it’s an expensive dining spot?

Or maybe they’re just afraid of mosquitoes? LOL. Make sure you bring along a mosquito repellent spray and spray it on your legs whenever you’re outdoor. These nasty bloodsuckers sure are infesting the island!

We had our eye on it when we drove past it on the way back to our villa. Went back to the room and looked it up on Tripadvisor, good review so we decided to eat there!

Surprisingly the food there wasn’t as expensive as we thought. Just slightly more than an ordinary waroeng’s price but not within Italian restaurants’ range.

Love all the lights and candles!

Waroeng Bonita offers a selection of local and western dishes. We stick to Bali cuisines.

Stir fried squid with sambal and vegetables was yummy! Couldn’t have enough of it.

Green curry fish. The curry was perfect to go with the steam rice.

Chicken satay was okay.

Me, Angela, Mei Yan before heading to Potato Head.

Here we are! We have heard so much about this place! Finally time to witness for ourselves its greatness.

We were already mesmerized by the place the moment we stepped in. It’s beautiful and classy just as expected.

Actually the best time to visit Potato Head should be evening, the ideal time to watch the sunset. However our schedule was packed with other activities which could only be done in the daytime so all drinkings have to wait after the sun goes down.

Anyway Potato Head is like an exclusive private club where rich bitches get their daddy to pay annual monthly membership fees to go to! You get the idea?

There was even a big swimming pool where you could dip yourself in, show off your new bikini while you sip your martini.

We were told that it was full house when we arrived around 11pm. But there were daybeds available provided if we spend a minimum of 500k rupiah. I was like hell yeah, why not??? For only RM150 which could be spilt among the 3 of us. Plus I absolutely love daybeds!

Hence we got ourselves a daybed at the far end near the beach. Awesome because we could feel the breeze and hear the waves. But the downside to it is that we were too far from the router to be able to detect the wifi. LOL.

We took turn once in a while to walk further in to reply our whatsapp, update our Instagram, Facebook and whatever. Bitches just can’t live a day without the Internet even during a vacation.

Beautiful palm trees everywhere.

There wasn’t a single day when we weren’t mistaken as Korean/Japanese. I think every Asian is a Korean or Japanese to them. LOL. I lied about being Singaporeans. Don’t judge! It’s not that we are ashamed of being Malaysians. It’s just safer this way because Indonesians don’t exactly adore Malaysians after all the maid abuse incidents :/

Cocktails for the night.

Ordered this only because of the rose petals. Looks better than it tastes.

Fries and wings. Look at those cheese on top of our fries! So yummy we finished the whole giant plate of it wtf.

Great vacation. I’m a happy girl!

My 2 babes loved the place and clearly enjoyed themselves too.

Bring along a scarf if you’re dressed sleeveless. It might get a little chilly at night especially at the beach area.

My favourite shot of the night to end this post with. Don’t miss out Potato Head when you’re in Bali! No entry fee applied. You spend on whatever you order. The cheapest drink should be around 110k rupiah (below RM40) if I’m not mistaken. Better still, spend above RM150 for the daybed. It’s totally worth it! :)

Waroeng Bonita
Address: Jl. Petitenget 2000x, 
Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia.
Tel: +62 361 473 1918

Potato Head Beach Club
Address: Jl. Petitenget 51B,
Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia.
Tel: +62 361 473 7979

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