Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Bali Review - Warung Eropa & Tanah Lot

I have 800+ photos from my 4 days 3 nights Bali trip I don’t even know how it happened! Most of them are repeated shots which I’m still taking my sweet time filtering one by one.

An important tip for those planning a trip to Bali: make sure you hire a driver. You can easily hire one for as low as RM100 per day (per car, not per person. Cheap!!!) for 12 freaking hours! He will pick up from the airport and fetch you to anywhere you want. Just make sure you tip him at the end of the trip la since they aren’t getting paid much. Pity them.

We are glad we hired a driver since it was difficult to spot a taxi there. My friend Mei Yan was the one who contacted the driver. If any of you need the email address and number, just drop a comment and I’ll try to ask her :)

Decided to visit Warung Eropa for our first meal right after we landed. Read some good review on Tripadvisor and it was recommended by a friend who frequents Bali. Located at Petitenget, the famous Potato Head area which happened to be near our villa, Bali Ayu.

Here’s my “Welcome to Warung Eropa” pose wtf.

Here’s my “I’m a happy tourist who is finally free from the suffocating enclosed airplane” pose! LOL.

A lovely restaurant with wooden furniture.

Warung Eropa wasn’t the most appealing restaurant in the day time, but later that night when we passed by again it looked really beautiful from the outside :)

Nasi Campur Bali – 38, 000 rupiah.

Ayam penyet – 38, 000 rupiah.

Ayam panggang (roasted chicken) – 38, 000 rupiah.

38, 000 rupiah converts into RM12 which is quite cheap for Bali standard. I would recommend nasi campur at Warung Eropa.

Extremely satisfied with my first meal in Bali! Rendang was yummy, Sate Lilit was soft and tender and the sambal was spicy but highly addictive!

Was supposed to check in and wash up before going anywhere else but the driver advised us to go to Tanah Lot first due to time constraint. Unlike Malaysia, over here at Bali the sky turns dark after 6.30 so it’s best to reach your destination before 6 if you were to watch the sunset.

Omgosh isn’t that spectacular???

Perfect timing, perfect weather. No kidding, it looked even better in real life! Should have taken a panorama shot. The borderless sea that connects the sky, the temples that endures the ocean waves - the scenery was just so magnificent and breathtaking.

Love at first sight. Merely a few hours there yet I have fallen in love with Bali.
Captured the Tanah Lot temple before descending to the beach. Look at those tourists!

We spent quite a few minutes wooo and ahhh up there. The view was amazing!! Plus it was really windy that day, great combination with the waves.

Giant yolk. Beautiful evening.

Cotton candy sky.

One of my favourite shots. Nonchalantly on the deep blue ocean. Oh ya it looks as if I was standing on water ^^

Poor Angela with our hair all over her face XD

I could stay there the entire evening and embrace the gentle breeze.

Almost like a painting. Guys make sure you visit Tanah Lot when you’re in Bali!

Tanah Lot is not exactly a sandy kinda beach though. There are stones, muds and big puddles here and there you gotta be cautious especially if you’re wearing slippers.

Don’t worry about getting your feet wet because the water there is clean. Climbing up some stones and walking on certain parts could be tricky if your shoes are slippery. We didn’t take the stairs up to the temple.

Beautiful sunset. Notice the barely visible heart shape?

There it goes, sinking to the bottom of the sea.

Wallpaper worthy purple sky.

Pictures speak a thousand words, but you have to be there to witness yourself the beauty of Tanah Lot.

It was truly an unforgettable evening.

Warung Eropa
Address: Jl. Petitenget No. 9D,
Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia.


Celyx Lim said...

Looks like you had lotsa fun at Bali. And your legs are so slimmmm <3

Celyx Lim

Copykate said...

Celyx: Yesh it was a fun trip! Thanks babe ^^

Daddy said...

Yupe. Bali is definitely a heavenly place and Tanah Lot is simply awesome too. We stayed at Club Med when we were there and hence, spent most time at the resort rather than going out. Will definitely consider a second visit with my camera for more amazing shots. Meanwhile, if you are interested, you are welcomed to drop and visit my traveling and photography blog at Till the next dropby, cheers...:)

Copykate said...

Daddy: I'd love to visit Bali again too! It'd be great if you had a camera to capture those beautiful sceneries! :)

Jowene said...

Hi there, stunning scenery! Would love to have the contact to the driver in Bali. Would be visiting bali this year end. Looks like it's gonna be a great trip :)

Copykate said...

Jowene: Great! I'm sure you'll enjoy Bali as much as we do! Here's the drivers' contact I just got from my friend:

Komang Tanaya (the driver service we hired)


Kadek Adipa

You can email them and compare their prices. Have fun in Bali! :)