Monday, March 28, 2011

Libresse- Absorption is nothing without fit

Now to think bout my life, I am an adventurous girl who embraces new things and new experiences in life.

There are times when I try out new hairstyle;


and new glasses;


and better still, a new car!


After all, you’ll never know if you like something until you try it.

Now I can’t help but to notice Libresse, a new brand for sanitary pad and pantyliner. I’ve used most of the brands selling in the market and to be honest, most of them either cause leakage or irritation.


Good news for me and all the ladies out there! Libresse offers Secure Fit and DHC and brings us ‘Absorption is Nothing without Fit’!


An example of Libresse’s feminine packaging:


After using Libresse, hopefully I can save time on washing my stained panties and divert my time on writing blog posts instead! Teehee.

Will definitely try out their pantyliner as well! For someone lazy hygienic like me, there is no doubt that pantyliner plays an important part of my daily life. Why trouble yourself to scrub your dirty undies with your delicate fingers when you can easily avoid dirtying it by using pantyliner? XD

If you haven’t used a pantyliner before (omgosh you’re unbelievable!), fret not because Libresse pantyliner comes with soft cottony surface, breathable back sheet and stretchable liner. In other words, it will be comfortable and almost non-existent!

Right now, Libresse is having an interactive campaign on their website. Go watch the video and help Yuna, Adibah and Pam & Van to decide which route to take. I’ve watched all the videos and to be honest, it’s indeed something new compared to any other ad I’ve seen before! The videos bring you along to the celebrities’ thrilling experiences such as dancing with the sharks and wakeboarding. Hint: you’ll be getting a phone call from any of your chosen celebrity! Strictly no charges incurred.


Aren’t you glad that Libresse is bringing you a whole new experience in life? :)


sirei said...

hehe, that hairstyle is adorable
macam cat ears more than hairbow XD

Copykate said...

sirei: mickey mouse ears! XD

wen pink said...

nice pose weiii!! so sexyyyy!

Copykate said...

Wen pink: thanks babe! The photo was taken during KLIMS! Teehee